Because size really does matter.

This headline may have you feeling somewhat confused. When do you really need to transform your mobile into a ruler?

How often do you carry a tape measure on you? Not very often we imagine. Digging it out of the shed is more hassle than it’s worth what with the endless cobwebs and bikes hidden away in there.

In more situations than you think is our answer. Picture this, you’ve packed all of the kids into the car, a war you never thought you’d win, endured the gruelling journey listening to Baby Shark the whole time and you’ve finally arrived at Ikea.

Somehow between telling them to stop jumping on the beds and rescuing vases before they hit the ground, you’ve managed to find the perfect set of wardrobes for your room.

But will the shoe wrack you bought fit inside it? This moment. This is when you’d whip out your mobile and measure to find out.

Maybe you’re sick of being called the short friend and swear that you are at least an inch taller than your bestie. Whip out your mobile and settle it once and for all.

Both iOS and Android devices have methods of allowing you to point your mobile at various objects to see how big they are. No laughing, please; this is a serious guide.

While we can’t guarantee these apps are 100% accurate, they’re pretty close and much better than guesswork.

Measure with Measure.

Measure is an app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone. You can use it to determine how long something is, as well as to calculate the square metre size of objects.

Don’t worry if you’ve suddenly got sweaty thinking about your old maths lessons, you won’t have to do any of the hard work.

You can even use the app to suss out how tall someone is, providing their whole body is in the viewfinder.

This could be the perfect time to put your partner’s 6ft2 claim to the test – just make sure they take their platform suit shoes off first.

iPhone's Measure app measuring someone's height.
Nobody will be able to lie about their height ever again...

Measure the length of an object:

1) Open up the Measure app.

2) Point the camera at the object you want to measure.

3) A white dot will appear, you should place that at the point you want to start measuring from.

4) When it’s in the right place, tap the + icon. (If this is off, you can adjust it at a later date)

5) Move your camera to the other end of the object and tap the + icon again.

6) A dotted line will appear stretching from the start point to the end point.

7) A measurement will appear telling you the length of the object.

The Measure iPhone app measuring a plant in a pot.
Measuring made easier with Measure.

Measure the area of an object:

1) Follow the above steps.

2) Move the + icon to the corners of the object you want to calculate.

3) Measure will automatically calculate the area.

When you’ve gathered all of your measurements up, tap the share icon in the top left to copy them and share them with whoever you need to.

A whole bunch of Android apps.

There are a number of different apps that you can explore to measure objects using your Android and we thought we’d talk you through them.


The makers of this app quite clearly love nothing more than getting straight to the point – pardon the pun…

Ruler, like Measure on iOS, can measure length and area in units that can be converted easily.

Download Ruler

Ruler Bubble Level Angle Metre.

This is a little different from the Ruler app above. It comes with a fancy bubble, so you feel like a real handy-man – or handy-lady!

Again, you can measure length, area and other bits that you can with Measure, but you can also use it as a spirit level too.

Download Ruler Bubble Level

GPS Fields Area Measure.

If you have something bigger to measure, like a car for your garage, a really big shed or a garden the size of a football field, this app is for you.

GPS Fields Area Measure uses GPS to measure different distances, meaning no object or area is too big!

Download GPS Area Measure

Measure away.

Transforming your iPhone or Android into a ruler is a trick you never knew you needed until now, and these handy apps will help.

We’ve got a number of deals on the very best from Apple and Android that you can enjoy as soon as tomorrow – with free next day delivery! These apps are just moments away people.