Background noise is no match for the new update.

If you live in a noisy house, you’ll have experienced first-hand the stress that comes with trying to send your friends a video of something. In the background there’s often shouting, dogs barking or the sound of someone making the noisiest spag bol on the earth.

You might want to send a video of your outfit to your friend to get their opinion on something or maybe you needed to film some documents to send to a colleague. The point is you don’t want anyone else to have to hear the charades that are going on in the background.

Luckily for you, WhatsApp is bringing a new update that will change the way you send videos and we’re sure you’ll want to thank them, as will the people receiving your videos…

Silence is golden.

WABetaInfo has reported that a new WhatsApp feature will allow you to mute your videos, before sending them to anyone. Those users who are lucky enough to be a part of their beta program will have already got to experience this update, but it seems it will soon be available to everyone.

If you simply cannot wait that long, you can sign up for the beta program and become a WhatsApp VIP. Okay, we completely made that up, but it will ensure you’re one of the first to try the exciting new updates.

If you’re iPhone loyal, you’ll want to keep checking the TestFlight page to see if a spot opens up for you. Android users will want the WhatsApp Beta page on Google Play. If you’re successful in securing your place, you’ll want to make sure the public version of WhatsApp is downloaded.

A muted video.
Nobody likes background noise!

Wait, there’s more.

It seems WhatsApp have upped their game and are set to release something that we think lots of you will love. Introducing “Read Later”, a feature that’s currently in beta and is set to make its way to all users very soon.

This will replace the Archived Chats section and will include lots of new functions that will make ignoring people so much easier. We aren’t encouraging ignorant behaviour of course, but sometimes it’s nice to hide a message until another time.

Maybe you’re deep into one of IMDb’s top 50 and simply don’t have the concentration for a chat there and then or perhaps you’re at work and don’t fancy being caught on your phone.

If the group chat is popping and you simply don’t want to reply just yet, you’ll be able to send the conversation to the Read Later section and keep it hidden, even when new messages are appearing.

The new feature lets you enable or disable the ability to move chats to this section and you’ll still be able to automatically save received media to your camera roll. Just because you don’t want to see all the messages right then, doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

The future is looking bright.

While both of these features aren’t available just yet, they’re currently in beta and are expected to launch in the near future. We think rival messaging apps like Signal may have spurred WhatsApp on to give the people what they want.

We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly not complaining and can’t wait to see the new features in action.