iPhone 12 is certainly not ‘so last year’.

Despite iPhone 12 having been released last year, the phrase we associate with American rom-coms, definitely doesn’t apply here.

I think we all fall into the pattern of thinking we have to get the latest iPhone because it must be the best, but in doing this we forget about the ones that came before.

I’m not saying people have forgotten entirely about iPhone 12, but since the iPhone 13 launch, attention seems to have been elsewhere.

iPhone 12’s debut was one everyone was excited for, including me. It was a giant leap from iPhone 11 in absolutely every sense. From performance and design, to display and its camera.

Design and display.

Not sure about anyone else, but I love a mobile that packs enough display for me to enjoy a film or to waste a couple of hours on TikTok but can still fit in my pocket.

That’s exactly what iPhone 12 does. The stunning 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display is just right. With OLED technology, the screen brings brighter brights, darker blacks and more resolution.

I spend a lot of time on my phone outdoors, and this technology makes sure you can enjoy your content on those sunny days and gloomy nights too.

I’ve spent a fortune over the years on screen repairs and tough cases and iPhone 12 seems to end this pattern. When Apple launched iPhone 12, they brought with them Ceramic Shield.

While this sounds like something from a new Marvel movie, it’s actually a design element that’s great for clumsy people like me.

iPhone 12 in blue.
iPhone 12 boasts a tough design and a dazzling display. 

You don’t have to understand how this material is made, but it’s cool and fun to know. Apple have introduced nano-ceramic crystals, harder than most metals, into glass to give a 4x better drop performance.

If you’re anything like me, your bag will have keys, lip gloss, a card holder and everything else in between in. Then you throw your phone into the mix.

iPhone 12 has a display that’s resistant to scrapes and scratches, offering that extra peace of mind. The IP68 rating for water and dust resistance compliments this tough design beautifully.

I’m a sucker for colour choices. Who doesn’t love options? iPhone 12 comes in black, white, green, blue and (PRODUCT)RED.

I myself like to keep things classic and always seem to opt for black. However, the other four options are perfect for those wanting to add a pop of colour to the equation.


I’m someone who uses their phone all day long. As much as I hate to admit it, my screen time is nothing to be proud of. For this reason, I’m always on the hunt for a 5G mobile.

iPhone 12 was the first iPhone to feature 5G and Apple brought their A game. It delivers faster downloads, better streaming and gaming with less lag and buffer – for those of you into that.

Someone holding iPhone 12.
iPhone 12 is the perfect entertainment mobile. 

But the one thing I love most about Apple’s 5G is the fact that it’s smart. In using my mobile so much, I find that I’m very good at draining my battery.

iPhone 12 will turn off 5G in those moments where speed is not necessary. It’ll switch to LTE to save battery life then the minute 5G speeds are needed again, it’ll make the switch. Throw in the A14 Bionic chip and you’ve got flawless performance.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love nothing more than whipping out my phone and capturing moments. And with Christmas on the horizon, this is only going to be heightened.

I love looking through my photos app on my iPhone, especially now it’s categorised into months and years. Not to mention those random little videos that Apple cook up for us with a collation of all the best bits of the last 6 months or whatever.

The point is, I love a good camera. I’m no pro-photographer by any means, but with iPhone 12 you don’t need to be.

A photo of a boy jumping taken on an iPhone 12.
Enjoy more colour and detail in every shot.

The impressive 12MP dual camera features both an ultra-wide and a wide lens. Both these lenses feature advanced night mode, which is great news for me who’s out and about socialising far too much. Getting great shots at night is easy peasy.

HDR 3 takes care of everything else you need for a great photo. It works by balancing the elements in every shot so you can see every single detail.

But we don’t only use our mobiles to get the perfect snap, some things are best captured on video. 4K HDR video with Dolby Vision will have you feeling like a big Hollywood director – a childhood ambition of mine.

Let’s not leave iPhone 12 behind.

In the midst of all the iPhone 13 excitement, we can’t forget about iPhone 12. This iPhone has been a best seller for a long time – the proof really is in the pudding.

It’s still an incredible option to go for and we’ve already got so many unmissable deals live now. We’ll even throw in free delivery.