Bag yourself a great deal on a top mobile phone this Black Friday.

Today is about to be your best Friday 13th yet. We’ve delivered top deals on some of your very favourite mobiles ahead of our Black Friday sale at the end of this month.

We’ve got something for everyone with discounts across Samsung, Apple, Google and more! From today, you can get your hands on some of the best phones with top UK networks for super-low prices!

There’s many more fantastic offers to come but for now, we wanted to show you our very best Black Friday deals and let you discover a little about each of the phones involved.

Get all googly-eyed for Google.

Today you can get your hands on the incredible Google Pixel 5 with 50GB of data and unlimited calls and texts for just £35 a month! And get this, there’s no upfront cost saving you a whopping £59.99!

The Google Pixel 5.
The Google Pixel 5 display is perfect for entertainment lovers!

The Pixel 5 made its debut at the end of September and has quickly become one of the most popular Pixels. This phone puts the G in 5G, delivering faster downloads, better streaming, and more responsive gaming!

It’s got a dazzling 6-inch Full HD+ screen with minimal bezels, giving users a fully immersive viewing experience and a cracking dual camera system that lets you get great photos day or night – without the flash!

A photo of a man taken on the Google Pixel 5.
Capture amazing photos at night - without flash!

Plus, the Pixel 5 packs the power you need to enjoy all of this. Featuring a 4080mAh battery with an extreme battery saver mode, giving you up to 48 hours of use all from a single charge!

If you opt for this deal, you’ll get all of these great features on a network that won’t disappoint. EE was voted the UK’s no.1 network for 5G by RootMetrics, meaning it’s the top network to enjoy your Google Pixel 5 5G on.

If this is the deal for you this Black Friday, check it out below.

Google Pixel 5 on EE with 50GB data just £35 a month.

A huge deal on a mini phone.

Our Black Friday sale is delivering some HUGE discounts on the new iPhone 12 mini. You can bag yourself 160GB of data, thanks to O2’s data boost, as well as unlimited texts and minutes for just £43 a month.

iPhone 12 mini is the world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone. It packs Apple’s incredible 5G technology, their fastest ever chip in an iPhone and an all-new dual camera system.

This iPhone boasts a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display, so although you’re getting a smaller screen, the quality of what you’re streaming won't be compromised – it’s the best of both worlds!

Someone holding iPhone 12 mini.
iPhone 12 mini packs huge features into a compact device!

It packs Apple’s latest ceramic-shield design, giving it a 4x better drop performance and masters the art of being both durable and beautiful. It's available in five stunning finishes: black, blue, white,  green and (PRODUCT)RED.

iPhone 12 mini is the perfect phone for those of you who want everything that Apple offers but in a phone that is compact and practical. It’s the return of the good small phone.

This deal is with O2, one of the UK’s top networks. O2 are rolling their 5G services out all around the country and are continuously striving to have the best 5G offering – this network is a perfect match for your new iPhone 12 mini.

If we’ve sold you on this deal, check it out below.

iPhone 12 mini on O2 with 160GB data just £43 a month.

Sweet Samsung prices.

We haven’t neglected our Samsung fans this Black Friday. You can get your hands on our best-selling Samsung Galaxy S20 with a HUGE data boost. Enjoy a whopping 160GB of data and unlimited calls and texts for just £41 a month.

There’s many reasons why our customers love the Galaxy S20 so much. It features a stunning 6.2-inch Infinity-O screen that stretches from edge-to-edge. It’s the ideal phone for entertainment, giving you cinema vibes from the palm of your hand!

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S20.
The Galaxy S20 display is perfect for a Netflix binge!

It’s the perfect phone to opt for today if you use your phone to capture those precious moments in life! The Galaxy S20 packs a pro-grade triple camera system with lenses for every occasion.

It features a 64MP telephoto lens and a pair of 12MP lenses, giving you three different perspectives. You can get up close and personal and see all the details or switch to the wide lens and see more of everything in one picture.

A photo of a girl taken on the Samsung Galaxy S20.
Capture every single detail with the 64MP telephoto lens.

This deal not only delivers a top phone, but also a top network. O2 won Best Network Coverage at the Uswitch Mobile Awards 2020, meaning you can enjoy everything your Galaxy S20 has to offer, no matter where you are! Plus, with Priority you can get freebies and deals on food, entertainment, travel, and more!

If this Black Friday deal is calling out to you, then check it out below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 on O2 with 160GB data just £41 a month.

Get the very best, for less.

Our number one selling phone has been the incredible iPhone 11 for as long as we can remember and today, we’re offering it with 100GB of data, plus unlimited texts and calls for only £35 a month.

It features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display – the same size as the new iPhone 12! True Tone technology means the screen automatically adjusts to the colour temperature of the light around you - you’ll get a clear view no matter where you are!

The iPhone 11 laid on a table.
iPhone 11 packs the same sized display as the new iPhone 12!

The dual-camera system lets you switch up from wide to ultra-wide so you can see what’s going on outside of your usual frame size. The ultra-wide lens gives you 4x more scene in a frame – which means your landscape shots will be perfect!

Someone holding the iPhone 11.
The dual camera gives perfect shots every time!

iPhone 11 delivers fantastic mobile performance curtesy of Apple’s A13 Bionic chip. This chip is so powerful that everything you do on your phone happens with fast and fluid motion. It’s complimented by the all-day battery, meaning iPhone 11 users can enjoy more of what they love.

This deal is with Three, an award winning network. They were named Mobile Choice Best Network for Data 2019 as well as Best Network for Roaming at the uSwitch Mobile Awards. They offer fantastic perks such as great coverage, top roaming opportunities and more!

If you want our customer’s top pick then opt for this deal. Check it out below.

iPhone 11 on Three with 1000GB data just £35 a month.

Which will it be?

We told you this would be your best Friday 13th ever! These deals are live on our website now and with our speedy next-day delivery, you can get yours as soon as tomorrow!

If these deals aren’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t panic! We’ve got many more available for you to browse, right here!