Great performance is key.

We love nothing more than a good mobile phone launch, especially from Samsung who never fail to deliver.

The issue is that we’re simply just too impatient and can’t bear to wait. So we, like everyone else, like to scour the internet for rumours.

They say it’s bad to gossip and it’s certainly not great to talk about your co-workers botched surgery or discuss your friends affair – this sort of gossip is bad.

But when it comes to discussing everything, we’ve heard so far about a new mobile, we’re keen to make an exception.

We've given you everything we have so far from design tips to performance perks, but this latest rumour is an absolute corker.

A benchmark has given us insight into just how powerful the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE will be...

Release the Snapdragon.

91mobiles have brought a Geekbench listing to our attention that details specs rumoured to belong to the Galaxy S21 FE.

We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but the Snapdragon 888 chipset is on the list. This is the very processor that is found in the US models of the Galaxy S21 range.

For those who are unfamiliar with just how awesome the Snapdragon 888 chipset is, we’ll brief you.

It features Qualcomm’s latest X60 5G Modem, which offers better connectivity wherever you are and delivers speeds that’ll have you holding on for dear life.

The 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE had the Exynos 990 processor, while the 5G one got the Snapdragon 865.

Rumour has it, the Galaxy S21 FE will boast both processors – which will reduce any delays in its release.

Those in the states and Asia will likely see the Snapdragon processor while everyone else will be graced with the powerful Exynos version.

We’re praying that there’s some truth to this rumour as it would mean Samsung fans everywhere would be able to get their hands on it no matter what their location.

It’s not just 5G though folks, it comes with full connectivity and offers Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 support.

In a nutshell, you’ll be getting downloads quicker than you can say the word downloads, streaming that surpasses every expectation you have and more-responsive gaming in an instant.

Going back to the speculative spec list, the upcoming S21 FE is also rumoured to have 6GB of RAM and feature Android 11. If true, this means you’ll be able to leave any lag and buffer in the past and enjoy seamless entertainment, always.

The 5 w’s.

Where, when, who, what, and why. You might’ve just had flash backs to GCSE English but stick with us people.

The who is pretty obvious, it’s Samsung we’re looking at. The what is the Galaxy S21 FE. We think the Galaxy S20 FE speaks for the why – after all the new additions predecessor had a pretty big fan club.

It’s the when and where that we’re interested in and that’s where we’ll start. According to SamMobile, Samsung would launch a new FE mobile every year. But as there has only been one release so far, pinpointing the exact moment is a little trickier.

TechRadar are going on what happened last year. The S20 FE was announced in September and became available in October and if we know Samsung, they love their patterns.

Yet leaker Evan Blass has speculated that we will see the S21 FE launch mid-August which will be a delightful end to the summer.

August does make sense though as the Galaxy S21 landed in January, a month earlier than we expected.

Perhaps Samsung have recognised that we’ve all had a tough year and want to treat their fans a little earlier – thus gracing us all with the S21 FE a month earlier than the S20 FE was launched.

The where is pretty simple, the UK will be able to get their hands on it. It was just fun to throw in the where because the four w’s doesn’t roll of the tongue quite so nicely.

Can we have the bill please?

With the world opening back up again, following the pandemic, we’ve got super-important things to spend our money on.

We’re making up for lost shopping time, lost restaurant time, lost pub time and lost family time – and that comes at quite a price.

So, it’s natural for us to be a little spectacle about the price we’re going to pay for a new mobile phone.

TechRadar don’t know too much about the price just yet as it’s typical of leaks and rumours to be about the design of the phone.

At launch , the S20 FE had a cost of £699 for a 5G model and £599 for a 4G model. However, going back to patterns it seems that the S21 was cheaper than the S20 at launch and if we put two and two together, we’re getting a good feeling.

We’ll never reveal our sources…

Just kidding. Reputable leaker @OnLeaks seems to have a lot to say about the upcoming S21 FE and we’re here for it.

Again, emphasis on the word rumoured. We’ve seen no confirmation from Samsung themselves and don’t want you to blame us if they’re not right – we’d hate to let you down.

The upcoming release will supposedly feature a larger 6.4-inch display as opposed to the previous 6.2-inch that we saw on the Galaxy S21.

Someone holding the S20 FE.
Will the S21 FE display live up to the S20 FE display? 

The other popular rumour that’s flying around social media is the confirmation that the S21 FE actually exists and isn’t just a figment of our imaginations.

Max Weinback, someone who has a very good rep in the secret spilling world, has tweeted to say that the new phone will launch this year.

This rumoured article would be nothing without at least a mention of some camera tech – we know how much you all love a good camera.

We bring good news and bad news. The only bit of rumoured intel we have is that from TechRadar who claim that the S21 FE will reportedly have a 32MP front camera. This would be pretty perfect for the selfie lovers of the world and we can't wait to see your snaps if this is true.

The design rumours are pretty juicy and again TechRadar seem to think we might see light green, white, grey, purple, and pink additions of the new phone. Our pastel loving selves are absolutely here for this rumour and we’re sue you are too.

The Galaxy S20 FE in all six colours.
We loved the colours of the S20 FE, but will we love the S21 FE more?

There you have it.

So, like we said, this gossip is crucial. If we held in everything we’d seen online, we’d simply burst. We’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop if we hear any other rumours, so be sure to keep an eye out.

If, like us, you’re simply too impatient to wait around for Samsung to drop this then why not check out some top deals on Samsung phones that are already live and kicking – you won’t regret it.