The event is official, the rumours are just for fun…

Apple have kicked off March with some news that’ll put a spring in your step. They’re officially set to host their spring event on 8th March at 6pm.

Like always, Apple have kept their cards close to their chest. In other words, they’ve confirmed nothing except for their event date.

This hasn’t stopped the whispers on the internet though and while we don’t condone gossiping, we’re making an exception in the spirit of spring.

Rumour has it, and we must stress the word rumour, that a 3rdgeneration of the much loved iPhone SE.

That’s right, the much-loved, pocket-rocket, iPhone could be coming back for a third time. Here’s everything the internet is saying about it, plus information on how to stream the event with us.

Is the next pocket-rocket ready for launch?

We certainly hope so. But what can we expect this rumoured device to look like? To perform like? You ask. And so do we.

One universally loved thing about the iPhone SE is its compact design. The previous generations have managed to pack powerful performance and epic technology into a mobile that fits perfectly in your pocket.

According to a leak discovered by TechRadar, the rumoured iPhone SE 3 will boast a flawless 4.7-inch LCD display – similar to what we’ve seen on previous models.

Another source, found by TechRadar, claim that the next generation of iPhone SE won’t be much different in size and design when compared to its predecessors.

On the other side of the spectrum, the internet is going wild about the possibility of an iPhone SE Plus 5G.

With this, rumours are flying around speculating whether this new device will in fact boast a display as big as 6.1-inch.

A photo of four iPhone SE's on top of each other in pink, silver and gold.
Will we be seeing the epic iPhone SE's successor? 

One thing we all miss deeply on iPhone SE is Face ID. Another leak found by TechRadar suggests the next iPhone SE will in fact feature Face ID. The question is, how would this impact the design overall?

We all know that 5G is the future for Apple so it’s only natural to presume that the next generation of iPhone SE will boast Apple’s speedy tech, says TechRadar’s source.

When iPhone 13 was unveiled, so was the epic A15 Bionic chip. One leak, found by TechRadar, suggests the rumoured iPhone SE 3 will in fact boast this chipset – putting the rocket in pocket-rocket iPhone!

When it comes to camera, we’re a little short on whispers. We know that iPhone SE (2020) boasted the best single lens ever seen on camera, so will its successor exceed this? We hope so.

A report from ITHome suggests the next generation of iPhone SE will boast a 12MP rear camera, but with an all new sensor. We may see a contender for a new best single lens camera, ever seen on iPhone…

How do I watch?

For those who love a more compact iPhone, with a tonne of Apple’s best features, we imagine your anticipation is growing.

You don’t have long to wait at all. Like we said, Apple will host their spring event on 8th March at 6pm.

You can watch along with us using the live stream on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy the wait…

For those of you who don’t know, the iOS 15.4 beta was also released this week. We, among many others on the web, are hoping that this version of the software will be confirmed in their spring event.

With new features like Face ID while wearing a mask (with no need for an Apple Watch), a non-binary voice for Siri, new emoji and so much more, here’s hoping.

If we hear anything else in the meantime, you’ll be the first to know. Can’t wait that long? Don’t worry. We’ve got a number of unmissable deals on the brilliant iPhone SE – ready and waiting for you. We’ll even throw in free delivery!