Out of sight, out of mind!

As much as we try and keep on top of our emails, sometimes they just get ahead of us. We put our email address in some random site 5 years ago, and we’ve been getting hundreds of emails a week ever since.

There’s something so unsettling about having your Mail icon display thousands of unread emails. Sometimes, moving the app out of sight helps, but the truth is that you know the emails are still there.

We’ve discovered a super-cool feature that’ll take away this problem and make it so you can’t see the daunting red badge, with the huge number in it.

But this feature doesn’t stop at email, you can use it to hide the number of calls and texts you have too.

All you need is an iPhone and iOS 15. Here’s everything we know about it.

Badges be gone!

Making use of this feature is easy and there’s a whole bunch of apps on your iPhone that this feature is compatible with.

1) Head to Settings on your iPhone.

2) Scroll to Notifications.

3) Search for the app you don’t want to show badges.

4) Click on this app and find ‘Badges’.

5) Click on the toggle to turn it off.

When you’ve done this, the app will no longer display badges with the number of notifications you have.

This little hack will save you the anxiety that comes with having endless of badges on display for you to see.

Now when you unlock your mobile, your home screen will remain nice and tidy. It’s a way of decluttering, without having to sieve through all of your notifications.

Decluttering made easy.

It’s not dramatic to assume that having endless badges, all displaying the number of notifications you have, on lots of apps is stressful.

It can be overwhelming to be met with these every time you unlock your iPhone, and we’re hoping that this feature will ease some of that anxiety.

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