Does it live up to its predecessor? Spoiler alert, it does.

There’s always a worry that a new version of something you love will come out and you simply won’t feel the same about it.

The film industry ruined the Matrix for us when they released whatever that reboot was. Then they threw The Rock into Jumanji, which we have all sorts of personal feelings about.

Movies that we adored tend to get a sequel that almost always disappoints us. Jaws 2, Grease 2, Taken 2 – need we go on?

Our point here is that we always imagine the next big thing won’t be able to compare. What we are pleased to tell you is that the Galaxy S22 absolutely does.

We’ve delved in deep and looked at every feature of both the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 to see how the new model compares. A lot better than Grease 2 did – see we thought of another one.

The battle of the displays.

When it comes to displays, we want the best. But the best isn’t always the biggest. For many of us, a huge display is just not practical.

How will we fit it in our teeny, tiny handbags? Or slide it into the pocket of our tightest skinny jeans?

The Galaxy S22 has a slightly smaller display than the S21. The Galaxy S21 packs a 6.2-inch Infinity-O display and the S22 has a 6.1-inch Infinity Display.

Someone holding the Galaxy S22 display up.
The Galaxy S22 display boasts top display features on a slightly smaller scale. 

What the S22 does have going for it is the fact that it packs FHD+ and Vision Booster into a smaller scaled mobile, meaning the views great and easily transportable.

The battle of the designs.

The design of the Galaxy S21 was and still is pretty epic. But as with any new launch, Samsung have built further on this with the new Galaxy S22.

We all loved the rounded edges of the S21 and as the saying goes, why fix something that was never broken?

The Galaxy S22 boasts the same round edges, making it extremely comfortable to hold. Gorilla Glass Victus+ and an IP68 rating for water resistance makes both mobiles an exceptional choice for those of you on the clumsier side.

The colours are where things get a little interesting. The Galaxy S21 was unveiled in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet.

Phantom Black and Phantom White proved very popular indeed. So popular in fact, that Samsung decided to stick with them.

The Galaxy S22 comes in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold. The two new colours are epic.

Green isn’t like a neon green from the 70’s. It’s darker and more matte than that – perfect for every season.

Pink Gold is simply phenomenal. It’s the perfect combination of colour and sparkle and it truly compliments the design perfectly.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 in all four available colours.
Enjoy two new stunning colours. 

The battle of the cameras.

Samsung are renowned for their incredible camera tech, so it comes as no surprise that the Galaxy S22 packs some serious equipment.

The Galaxy S21 boasted an impressive 12MP wide lens which certainly did the job. However, for those of you looking for more from your photos, the S22 got an upgrade.

Boasting a whopping 50MP wide angle camera, those point and shoot moments are about to be revolutionised.

Both cameras feature the impressive 10MP front camera which means you can continue to enjoy flawless selfies.

We all know that lighting is everything when it comes to capturing photos on our mobiles. Poor lighting? Poor quality.

This is a pain considering the best things happen after dark, it’s often when we plan our social life.

We have to consider the miserable UK weather and those nights where it gets dark at 5pm too.

Luckily for you, the Galaxy S22 features epic night mode capabilities. The big pixel sensor will enlarge pixels and pull in light, so your photos and videos are clear as day.

You don’t have to move a muscle; your camera automatically detects when you’re in the dark and will jump into action.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus laid on a wooden table.
Three cameras are definitely better than one. 

The battle of the performance.

We all crave a phone that can keep up with us in every aspect. We want the long battery life, the speed, the storage and everything else in between.

The Galaxy S22 features the new 4nm processor, the fastest chip ever used in a Galaxy S mobile.

This guarantees you flawless performance with faster downloads, more responsive gaming and higher-quality streaming in an instant.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S22 actually packs an ever so slightly smaller battery. The 3700mAh is a step down from the S21’s 4000mAh.

However, it still has super-fast charging and reverse wireless charging for when your nearest and dearest run a little low.

In terms of storage and RAM, you get the same incredible options you’re familiar with. You can choose from 128GB or 256GB of storage and enjoy 8GB of RAM.

You’ll have all the room you need to keep the epic photos you’ve taken safe and enough RAM to leave that lag and buffer behind.

Who’s your winner?

Both the Galaxy S21 and S22 are incredible mobiles. If you want to be up to date with the latest from Samsung, you can pre-order your Galaxy S22 today, ready for its launch on 11th March.

Can’t wait that long? You can browse our best Samsung Galaxy S21 deals today and even enjoy free next day delivery.