It seems the Easter Bunny has some competition…

Hoppy Easter everyone! One of the only days a year that you can scoff your face with chocolate and not feel guilty.

You'll have seen Malteaser, Dairy Milk, Aero and the poshies may have even seen a Lindt Easter egg, but have you seen the Android 11 egg?

While we all love an excuse to tuck into endless amounts of chocolate without any worry and have been waiting for crème eggs to hit the shelves again, Android 11 has delivered an Easter egg that's somewhat different to the ones we’re familiar with.

Android Easter eggs are features hidden in the software that you can access by performing a number of steps. They can be anything from interactive images or little games, and we thought you’d want to know how you can access the Android 11 egg.

We’re going on an egg hunt.

All Easter eggs have two halves, and it seems Android 11 have followed this rule with their latest egg. It comes in two parts and you have to follow one process to access the hidden ‘11’ logo, then another process to get to the game.

This year, we’re sure many of you will be thrilled to learn that Neko Cat has made a reappearance. For those of you with no clue what we’re talking about, Neko Cat is little activity that lets you have your very own digital pet – you can feed it and everything!

A screenshot of the Android Neko cat.
You can even feed your virtual pet. 

It’s really easy to get in on the fun, just follow these steps.

1)     Open settings and go to about phone.

2)     Tap Android version to open up a new screen.

3)     Keep tapping Android version on this new screen.

4)     When the volume dial appears, turn the dial clockwise until it reaches its maximum.

5)     Do this three times and a new ‘11’ maximum appears along side a tiny pop up cat emoji, right at the bottom of the screen.

6)     Press and hold the power button to get to the controls screen.

7)     Tap the three dots next to home and choose add controls.

8)     Find and select see other apps at the bottom of the screen.

9)     Choose cat controls.

10) Then tap the checkbox and select water bubbler, food bow, and toy.

11) Go back to your power menu screen and tap on the down arrow next to home.

12) Choose cat controls from the drop-down menu.

13) To play, you wipe across the water bubble and tap the food bowl and toy.

It’s the perfect pet and you won’t have to clean up after it or get up every five minutes to let it onto the garden. Forgot to feed it? No problem, we promise it won’t die on you.

A screenshot of the Neko Android cat.
You don't even just have to settle for one cat...

It’s also great for the little ones and will give them hours of entertainment, and you hours of peace, as they sit by and wait for a little cat to come along. It comes equipped with its own cat number, but we certainly can’t see the harm in naming it yourself.

Will it buttons or mittens?

No matter what you decide to call your new little friend, we promise it’ll bring you endless amounts of fun. Of course, to enjoy it, you’ll need an Android phone. Luckily for you we’ve got lots to choose from.

Whether you’re a Samsung fan, a Sony lover or get all googly-eyed for the Google Pixel, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your own virtual pet.