It seems the Easter Bunny has some competition…

Hoppy Easter everyone! One of the only days a year that you can scoff your face with chocolate and not feel guilty.

You'll have seen Malteaser, Dairy Milk, Aero and the poshies may have even seen a Lindt Easter egg, but have you seen the Android 12 egg?

We all love an excuse to tuck into endless amounts of chocolate without any worry and have been waiting for crème eggs to hit the shelves again for what seems like forever.

In the meantime, Android 12 has delivered an Easter egg that is set to add a splash of colour to your life.

Android Easter eggs are features hidden in the software that you can access by performing a number of steps.

They can be anything from interactive images or little games, and we thought you’d want to know how you can access the Android 12 egg.

We’re going on an egg hunt.

There are a number of simple steps to follow, making this the easiest Easter egg hunt ever.

1) Head to Settings on your Android.

2) Scroll to About Phone.

3) Tap on Android Version.

4) Continuously tap on 'Android 12' until a clock appears.

When this clock appears, you'll be greeted with a stunning range of Material You colours - which perfectly match the background you've customised.

This next step may cast you back to when you were younger and learning to tell the time, but stick with us.

Tap and drag both clock hands to point straight upwards to 12 o'clock. When you've done this, your mobile will vibrate to let you know you're all set to go.

Don't be alarmed when the number 12 position disappears, this is all part of the process.

That's all folks! The Easter egg screen will appear with the number 12 surrounded by circles - again all with the same colour pallet as what's on your home screen.

An egg you weren't expecting.

Android are known for releasing these eggs and it's a fun little game to play around Easter if you have a spare five minutes. Of course, to enjoy it, you’ll need an Android phone. Luckily for you we’ve got lots to choose from.

Whether you’re a Samsung fan, a Sony lover or get all googly-eyed for the Google Pixel, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this hidden treat.