Time to turn the lights down.

We all love a good scroll on our socials in the morning or late at night. Whether that’s in bed or sat at the kitchen table with your morning coffee.

But is there anything worse at 7am than when your mobile screen is that bright it causes you to squint your eyes – it almost burns in fact.

But there’s a way to prevent this so you can scroll your socials without the discomfort. Dark mode on Twitter and Instagram is set to make everything in your life a little darker – but in a good way.

Tweet with the lights out.

When you’re using Twitter on your Android or iPhone, you can enjoy two variations of dark mode.

The first one is called a dim. This is the setting that will convert your entire background into a dark blue shade.

This is perfect for those moments when you don’t quite need total darkness, but your eyes aren’t in the mood for something ultra-bright.

The second variation is known as lights out and does pretty much what it says on the tin. It will cast a black background, taking away all the bright light you hate on early mornings.

The lights out setting will effectively be more power-efficient and will extend your battery life a bit longer.

Making the switch to both variations is easy.

1) Open Twitter.

2) Slide out the main menu.

3) Select Settings and Privacy.

4) Tap Display and Sound.

5) Choose either Dim or Lights Out.

Lights out has been around on iPhone for some time but now Android users can enjoy the perk.

Let there be darkness Instagram.

We all love a good nosey at what our peers are up to on Instagram. You’ve got your selfie lovers, dog fanatics, couples and then the foodies.

We can complain as much as we like but we’ll still look. Like we’ve said, the prime time for scrolling just happens to be in a morning or just before we go to bed.

So, here’s how to activate dark mode on Instagram on both Android devices and iPhones.


1) Open your phone’s settings.

2) Select Display and Brightness.

3) Tap Dark.

4) Launch Instagram.

It’s worth noting that you must be using an iPhone running iOS 15 or later.


1) Open your phone’s settings.

2) Select Display.

3) Tap the Dark Theme toggle.

4) Launch Instagram.

Voila! You can avoid the squinting and nosey away.

Turn the lights off.

These handy tricks will ensure you can browse your socials at your leisure – even on those early mornings and late nights.

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