Picking and choosing which calls you answer has never been easier.

It’s our basic instinct to just pick up the phone whenever it rings and answer it right away. The trouble is, sometimes we don’t want to talk to the person ringing us and then we’re stuck in a 20 minute phone call.

Perhaps it’s work calling asking you to come in early or your mother-in-law wanting a lengthy conversation to lecture you about something. We might not admit it, but there are certain conversations that we try to avoid like the plague.

Luckily for you, there’s a way that you can assign each of your contacts a specific vibration, so you know who is ringing you at all times, providing you’re using an Android phone of course.

Setting this up is easier than you could ever imagine, even if you’re not a tech wizard! This easy guide will help you on your way to picking and choosing which calls you want to pick up and which you want to politely decline.

Control your callers.

This is where you take control. You can give your favourite people fancy vibrations and give the people you like a little less, the boring, default ones. To set these up, you’ll need to follow these 5 easy steps.

1)     Open up the Contacts app.

2)     Find the contact you want to personalise.

3)     Open the contact and scroll to the bottom until you get to More options.

4)     Select this and then go to Vibration pattern.

5)     When you select Vibration pattern, you’ll be presented with a list of vibration options to choose from.

A screenshot of custom vibrations on Android.
You'll be able to pick and choose which calls you answer.

There are endless options to choose from, so you should have fun with them. For your partner why not select the heartbeat choice – symbolism your high school English teacher would love to analyse.

Perhaps the ticktock option for your friend who’s always late or the waltz for the person who just loves to dance. It gives you the chance to get creative and enjoy yourself – you might not even want to answer and be jigging away instead!

Become a composer.

If you fancy taking things a little further and want to create your own personal patterns for your contacts, you’re in luck. Android lets you become a composer for the day and put together your own vibrations for your friends and loved ones.

You’ll need to download the Good Vibrations app from the Google Play Store to get started. You’ll then have to give this app permissions to access your contacts and incoming calls – don’t worry it comes with a guide on how to work it too!

A print screen of a phone showing the Good Vibrations app.
The Good Vibrations app lets you customise vibrations. 

To create your custom vibration, you’ll want to tap the red circle at the bottom right of the app and select ‘Add Call Action’. Once you’ve composed your masterpiece, you should select ‘Pick Contact’ in the bottom right and select who you want to assign this vibration to.

Who is it?

Well, you’ll not need to ask this question anymore, you’ll simply just know. This is a guide for Android users and will ensure you know who’s calling at all times – whilst having a little fun setting it up!

If you’re ready for an upgrade or fancy taking out a new phone contract, we’ve got lots of top deals on the very best that Android has to offer. You can get yours today and be composing your own vibration patterns as soon as tomorrow!