There's something about Apple devices that undeniably makes a statement. Sleek and streamlined, the latest iPhone 14 range is no exception, setting tech trends you'll want to get on board with.

Whether you prefer the flagship iPhone 14 model or fancy getting yourself an iPhone 14 Pro this Black Friday, one obstacle you'll come up against when grabbing a brilliant deal is colour choice. Should you pick a catch-all classic colour, or something a little more stylish for the festive season?

iPhone 14 comes in a selection of five shades, including Midnight, Starlight, Blue, (PRODUCT)RED and a gorgeous shade of Purple that's new for 2022. For those who are leaning towards iPhone 14 Pro, there are four colours available: Space Black, Silver, Gold, and an all-new, eye-catching Deep Purple choice.

No matter which you pick, you know you're getting top Apple tech from the smart A15 Bionic chip to better battery life than ever before and fantastic camera specs. So, to help you decide and choose your favourite from the iPhone rainbow, we've had a closer look.

Apple iPhone 14


There's a reason black is a classic colour for mobile phones – it's chic and it goes with everything. Apple call their black devices Midnight, and let's face it, it sounds way cooler. It's one of the most popular options for iPhones and has been for a while – and it's also a great base colour choice to dress up with a new case or a skin when you fancy doing something a bit different.

Yes, it's simple and elegant. We love it for just about any device – not just Apple phones – but we get that it can seem a bit boring when there are other gorgeous colours available.


No, we're not talking about the super-powered heroine from TV here, we're talking an effortlessly cool and sophisticated grey-toned off-white. It's a step up from the Starlight shade of last year's iPhone 13, which had more of a subtle shimmer to it.

This Starlight has been updated for 2022 and is glossy and slick, for a goes-with-everything colour that's a little more adventurous than Midnight, but still nicely in the safe zone.


It wouldn't be a new range from Apple without a stunning new shade thrown into the mix, and this year we've been given a smart but slightly out-there colour that might be named Purple but is really closer to a delicate and effortless lilac.

We last saw Purple on iPhone 12, but back then it was a slightly darker, more blue-violet shade. Since then, it's evolved thanks to numerous requests from users begging Apple to bring it back – and 2022 delivered.


Blue isn't a new shade for Apple, as we've seen a couple of versions of this shade now since it was first introduced on iPhone 12. The latest version is more toned down than others we've seen but fits in nicely with the others in the 14 range, keeping it cool and almost pastel-like with a grey-blue hue that's nice and neutral, whilst making more of a statement than colours like Midnight or Starlight.


Red might be the most divisive iPhone 14 colour, as a bright and bold shade that evokes fire and heat. But it can be a little bit too bright for some, especially for those who preferred the deeper, more subtle tones of iPhone 12's dark red.

Paler than we've yet seen from Apple, (PRODUCT)RED is showy and eye-catching – and good for the conscience too, since sales of this colour contribute to a global fund for COVID-19.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Sometimes you have to go big or go home, and what better way to go big on iPhone than with iPhone 14 Pro? However, that means picking from a whole new range of beautiful colours before you buy.


Silver has been around for a while now, and we can totally understand why Apple and Apple lovers think it's a keeper. The latest version for iPhone 14 Pro has a warmth to it that looks a lot like elegant white gold, emphasised by gorgeous chrome edges and simple black front bezels. It's not quite as showy as the Gold, and that makes it the preferred option for a lot of people.


A classic colour and one for those that love a bit of bling, Gold is a gorgeous, shimmery shade that's almost creamy to look at. It's far less over the top than you might think and comes across as classy and muted – with an extra glossiness that's standout and hard not to love.

Deep Purple

Just like the Purple of iPhone 14, Apple have added a new Deep Purple shade for iPhone 14 Plus, and we're absolutely here for it. A dark, masculine grey-purple shade that's muted and surprisingly attractive, it's the epitome of cool for iPhone users, and a truly unique shade from Apple that makes a statement whilst pairing nicely with just about anything.

Space Black

There's no such thing as boring with iPhone 14 Plus in Space Black – it's popular for a reason, and it's here to stay. Sleek, understated and with an undeniably dark and elegant vibe, choosing Space Black might be the best option for longevity and style.


Whether you go bold or stay subtle, there's an iPhone colour out there for you this Black Friday.

Why not embrace the festive feel and give back with iPhone 14 in (PRODUCT)RED? Or go all-out and treat yourself to a sleek Silver iPhone 14 Plus? We've got deals that will knock your socks off on every shade, and honestly? You're winning either way.