Flash… ah-ah you’ve got a message!

We all love a hidden trick or two and Apple have so many hidden up their sleeve that it’s impossible to know them all.

We’ve discovered a feature that we want to put on your radar. Do you ever get a text or a notification on socials and miss it completely?

Perhaps you’re busy doing something and swear that your phone didn’t vibrate or maybe your house is just so chaotic with the dogs and your little ones that you missed the message tone entirely.

Lots of us place our iPhones face down and if you fall into that category, this handy feature is for you.

Be there in a flash!

You can make it so whenever you get a notification on your iPhone, your camera flash will light up.

This is perfect for making sure you see and respond to any notifications quickly. Even if you pride yourself on impeccable hearing, it’s handy to have this visual alert, particularly when your iPhone is on silent.

If you’re in the office or on the train and don’t fancy annoying everyone with the frustrating iPhone message tone, the flash is perfect.

It’s not a blinding flash that’ll take out those within a foot of it but rather the same flash seen when you take a photo with your iPhone camera.

LED flash on iPhone.
The LED flash ensures you don't miss a trick. 

The catch here is that you can’t customise which notifications will cause the flash to light up, it instead appears for every notification.

This might be a bit of a nightmare for the group chats so you may need to familiarise yourself with the Do Not Disturb button.

Here’s how to get started:

1)     Open Settings on your iPhone.

2)     Tap on Accessibility.

3)     Select Audio/Visual.

4)     Turn on LED Flash for alerts.

5)     Toggle on Flash on Silent.

This little hack is compatible with all iPhones that have a rear flash feature meaning that you can get in on the action no matter which model you have.

LED the way…

This handy hack is the perfect way of making sure you never miss a notification again. Whether that’s plans to book a table in the group chat or an email about your food shop order.

It’ll flash even when your iPhone is on silent meaning you won’t have to deafen yourself with the gruelling iMessage tone or Facebook Messenger notification sound – and if you have this app downloaded, you’ll know what we mean.

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