Is your mobile playing hide and seek again? Google’s got your back.

The only thing worse than losing the TV remote is losing your mobile. You could’ve sworn you left it on the coffee table, but you’ve gone to make a cup of tea and suddenly it’s gone.

By now you’re flipping cushions and have your hand down the side of the sofa and pulling out nothing but loose change.

You’re tracing your steps in your mind and trying to figure out where you last had it. Someone in the background chirps up and offers to call it for you, but of course, it’s on silent.

Then you have to endure the same lecture you’ve heard a hundred times before. This is why you shouldn’t have it on silent. They’ll say. As if this is the time for an I told you so moment. But what if there was a way you could avoid all of this?

Spoiler alert… there is. Google have taken on the form of a Bloodhound and can sniff out your android mobile, no matter where it is.

Hello… is it me you’re looking for?

It’s almost like your phone knows you’re looking for it and is choosing to stay hidden. It always turns up in the most peculiar places or somewhere you could’ve sworn you already looked. Google does a good job at bypassing its tricks and will find it for you in a flash.

Here are 5 easy steps you can follow if you’re a Google Chrome user.

1.     Open Google Chrome and ensure you’re logged in with the same account as the one on your Android device.

2.     Type ‘find my phone’ into the search bar and hit search.

3.     Use the drop-down box to select the device you’re looking for.

4.     You will see a map showing the location of the phone you’re searching for.

5.     You have options to then call that device (to find it at home), or recover it and either lock, erase, or remove the phone from your account.

A screenshot of Find my phone on an Android.
A map will appear and show you where your device is located.

If Chrome isn’t your go-to browser, there’s no judgement. You can still locate your mobile, the steps are just a little different.

1.     In your chosen browser, go to

2.     Log in using the same Google account that you use on your mobile.

3.     This will launch a new page that will offer a drop down list where you can select the device you’re looking for.

4.     You’ll see a map that shows the location of the mobile you’re searching for.

5.     You can then call that device or recover it and either lock, erase, or remove this mobile from your account.

We imagine that right now, you’re not going many places where your mobile could be stolen, what with the global pandemic and all. But when we’re eventually allowed to return to normal life, this possibility sadly becomes more real.

These handy steps give you peace at mind that even if you can’t find your mobile, you can erase all the data so that nobody else can access it. Android phones require a Google Account to run, which means you’ll always be able to track it down or manage your account at any time.

We think this is a solid reminder though folks to keep your Google account details safe. The last thing you need is a forgotten password or a lost email – then you’re really in trouble!

It’s not just Android phones that you can search for it extends to include Chromecast devices, Wear OS devices and PCs – as long as you’re signed into your Google account.

A screenshot of Find my phone on an Android phone.
You can also find any other Android devices too - super-handy!

Not quite following? See the full instructions here.

No more looking.

These 5 easy steps will save you so much time and worry. You can wave goodbye to that heart-dropping feeling when you realise your mobile isn’t in your back pocket and to frantically turning your house upside down looking for it.

These steps only work for Android phones, but luckily for you we’ve got tons of great deals available today. A great new phone and no stress of ever being without it, what more could you need?