No time to spare when looking for your lost Apple Watch.

There’s simply nothing worse than when you swore you put something down in a specific place then come to find it and it’s missing.

It happens all the time; with the remote, your keys, your wallet and more. You probably spend most of your time flipping sofa cushions, frantically trying to retrace your footsteps.

You’ll then have to endure the pain of someone asking that one question that’s enough to make you tear off your own ears.

‘Where did you last have it?’ Like seriously, if you knew the answer to that question, you wouldn’t be looking for it.

Although there’s not a fancy bit of tech to help you find these things, there is a way you can use your iPhone to locate a lost Apple Watch.

Perhaps you’ve taken it off before your bath or your little one has wandered around the house and dropped it somewhere.

Maybe you’ve worn it whilst out shopping and you’ve come home to find it’s nowhere to be seen. Whatever your situation is and wherever you’ve lost it, there’s a way you can use your iPhone to track it down again.

Fun with Find My.

There’s an easy way that you can use your iPhone to track down your watch.

1) Head to Settings and tap your name at the top.

2) Scroll down to Find My.

3) Turn on Find My iPhone.

4) Turn on Enable Offline Finding.

5) The tap to turn on Send Last Location.

There are no settings on your Apple Watch to let you turn on Find My – you only need your iPhone. This is great news if you’ve already lost your watch…

When you turn on Find My on your iPhone, the feature is automatically turned on for your Apple Watch.

Find My on someone's iPhone.
Find My is a handy way of locating your Apple accessories. 

When you’ve set all of this up, here’s how to use this feature you find your watch.

1) Open your iPhone and launch the Find My app.

2) Tap on the Devices tab.

3) Scroll and select your Apple Watch from the list that appears.

4) A map will appear with a location for your Apple Watch.

5) If your Apple Watch has LTE, you may be able to find the current location of your Apple Watch.

6) If it doesn’t but is connected to your home Wi-Fi or another secure Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to find its location then too.

If you’re unlucky enough to have lost your iPhone as well as your Apple Watch, don’t panic just yet.

1) Sign into on any web browser.

2) Click on Find iPhone.

3) Choose All Devices from the drop down menu.

4) Select your Apple Watch.

I’ve located it, what now?

If the map is pointing you to a spot in your house and you can finally rest, then that’s excellent. For those of you who haven’t been so lucky, there are other methods that help you pinpoint the exact location.

You can actually request that your Apple Watch makes a noise so that you can follow it.

1) Open up the Find My app.

2) Select your Apple Watch.

3) Click Play Sound.

This will play a trill that you can listen out for. It will also send a message that gets displayed on the Watch’s face so if anyone happens to pick it up, they can discover who to contact.

If you simply can’t find your Apple Watch anywhere and you’re becoming increasingly worried about all of your data, you can put it into Lost Mode.

1) Open up the Find My app.

2) Select your Apple Watch.

3) Click Lost Mode.

This will display your contact information so that if you lost it at the park with your kids or at the gym when you were showering, anyone who picks it up knows who to get in touch with.

Lost Mode on Apple Watch.
Lost Mode will help people track you down. 

Have you got the time?

Yes, you have. You’ve found your Apple Watch and the world is right again. This handy guide will help reduce your stress levels massively.

Accidents do happen and we as humans tend to be a little clumsy sometimes! Losing your Apple Watch isn’t the end of the world – providing you have an iCloud account!

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