We’ve already got that Black Friday feeling…

Black Friday falls on the 27th November this year and is the one day a year dedicated to the bargain shoppers of the world. The day famous for causing world-wide chaos as retailers offer huge discounts and sales on their products.

Many of us race to the shops, hoping to get a cracking deal on the latest mobile. The latest Samsung in a striking red or the brand-new iPhone 12 with all-you-can-eat data. It’s known for queues as long as the River Nile and hot-headed customers fighting for the last half-price telly.

Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the time it’s absolutely worth it, but what if you could enjoy all the discounts on your favourite phone deals, without having to leave your little bubble at home.

Black Friday is one of our favourite days of the year and this year is no exception. We’re going to be offering you exclusive online discounts across many of our top devices. We won’t ruin the surprise, but Samsung and Apple fans will not want to miss out.

To make sure you’re prepared for all the Black Friday bargains, we’re giving you our top tips for making the most of our incredible offers – we don’t want you to miss a trick!

1) Follow us on social media.

This is the best tip we can offer you. Our social media pages are packed with many of our best deals. From discounts and savings to updates on new releases – you’ll be the first to hear about our amazing Black Friday mobile deals.

For all you avid social-media users, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages will be over-flowing with juicy Black Friday intel. With insight into key dates, deals and products, this is the best place to get direct information about mobile deals this Black Friday.

The BuyMobiles Facebook banner.
Stay in the Black Friday loop - follow our social media pages!

2) Check our website regularly.

Our website is full of exciting deals from the best UK mobile networks: O2, Three and Vodafone. And with it being updated regularly, our website is the perfect place to start when hunting for top Black Friday mobile offers.

Like we said, we don’t want to give away too much about what to expect from our Black Friday sale, but that also doesn’t mean we expect you to wait until then to get a fantastic deal. You can browse our range cracking deals already available and live on our site right now!

A screenshot of the Buymobiles website home page.
Check our website for the hottest deals on and leading up to Black Friday.

3) Sign up to our mailing list.

For those of you who aren’t huge social media fans, then this tip is perfect for you. You can sign up to our mailing list to receive exclusive emails and offers straight to your inbox. Simply head to the bottom of our homepage, enter your email address, and our deals will soon be on their way!

A screenshot of the bottom of the Buymobiles website.
Be the first to receive exciting offers when you sign up to our mailing list!

4) Don’t forget about Cyber Monday.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a thing of the past. If you can’t make it to our big Black Friday bonanza then fear not, there’s always Cyber Monday – another glorious occasion to snap up a cracking mobile phone deal.

That Monday morning alarm will be a blessing on the 30th November - wake up with a cup of coffee and let the bargain shopping commence!

5) Take a look at last year’s Black Friday.

Last year’s Black Friday was HUGE! We had massive data deals and lower prices than ever across some of our top brands – Samsung and Apple fans will certainly want to tune in this year!

Although we can’t give too much away, we want to assure that if you loved our Black Friday sale last year, you’ll definitely love this year’s – and for those of you who didn’t join us last year, come see how good our sales are for yourself!

If you don’t want to wait until Black Friday, don’t stress! We already have some incredible deals available to buy today.