It’s a win-win.

We know it can be overwhelming when you’re looking for a new mobile and sometimes, keeping your mobile number is the most important part.

Most of the time, despite being a loyal customer, it can be more expensive to upgrade and stick with the same network. This is why so many of us simply choose to switch networks, keep our mobile number and bag the cheapest deal instead. Job done!

This is where number porting comes in. You might be wondering, “Wait a second, what does ‘number porting’ even mean?”

Sure, it sounds like a complicated process, but it’s actually quite easy. So, grab a cuppa, maybe a biscuit or two, and we’ll talk you through how to port your mobile number.

Porting your number with a PAC code

What is a PAC code, you ask. To put it simply, it’s the code you use to transfer your current mobile number from one network provider to another. If you’ve decided to stay with your current network, then you won’t need a code.

To get hold of your PAC code, you need to text ‘PAC’ to 65075. In a few seconds, you’ll get a text back with a 9-character code – in this format ‘ABC123456’. Bear in mind that PAC codes expire after 30 days before you get started, though.

To get your PAC code and keep your mobile number, text 'PAC' to 65075.

If you’ve already found a new deal with us and you’re ready to buy, when you’re at the checkout, you’ll be asked to enter the entire code. If you don’t enter your code here, don’t panic - you can always contact the new network with your PAC as soon as you’re ready to port.

If you provide us with a PAC, we’ll do the hard work for you and enter this code at the point of connection. It can take up to 72 hours for your old number to transfer over to your new contract, but when it does, it means that your old contract is now cancelled.

Double porting to the same network

Sometimes switching networks isn’t possible for you. Maybe it’s the only one that offers decent signal in your area, for example. But there’s a way to port your mobile number and stay with the same network, the process just takes a little longer.

First off, you’ll need to grab your PAC code using the steps above. Order your ‘new customer’ phone deal and when asked if you would like to keep your number, select ‘no’.

When your new mobile arrives, pop to a local shop and pick up a Pay As You Go SIM card on a different network (this usually costs around £1).

Call the PAYG network and give them your PAC, and they’ll transfer your number across in the next couple of days.

Once your number has been ported to the SIM, call (or text as above) the PAYG network and get your PAC code.

Then all you need to do is call your original network and give them your PAC, and they’ll transfer your number across to your new contract the next day.

Ready to upgrade

Now you know all the ways of keeping your mobile number, you’re ready to choose your new contract. As it happens, we’ve got quite a few good ones on offer.

Take a look at our amazing deals, save money on the latest smartphones from your fave brands, and now feel even better about it, cos you can keep your number, too.