Now you see it, now you don’t.

We sometimes use WhatsApp to send photos and videos that we want to cherish forever. Should that be the dog at the beach, eating his ice cream or your little one taking their first steps.

These are precious moments and understandably worthy of saving. A whole bunch of the snaps we send only need to be viewed once – let’s be honest.

Food menus, random selfies with a glass of wine, or embarrassing shots from the night before that, for everyone’s sake, should only be viewed once.

Luckily for you, WhatsApp’s latest feature is here to help. Their latest update brought a feature that allows you to view an image once before it vanishes like magic.

This feature is available to you right now and we predict it’s going to be an absolute winner with all the holidaying and exploring that you’ll be doing this summer.

Here’s how it works.

Can I see it again?

First things first, you’ll have to ensure your WhatsApp app is up to date on your Android or iPhone.

This may mean that you have to open up the App Store or Google Play Store and face those 65 pending updates that you’ve been avoiding.

No matter what image or video you’re sending your nearest and dearest, you can opt to allow them to only view it once and it’s very straightforward.

Before you send your snap, you’ll see a number one icon showing in the text box beside it. This isn’t WhatsApp’s way of rating your content, it’s the setting that only allows the recipient to view the photo once.

When you select this, a pop-up message will appear. You’ll have the option to confirm that you only want them to view it once just in case you’re making a mistake.

The best bit about this feature is that you don’t have to keep the setting on all the time. Every time you go to send media in WhatsApp, this little number 1 will appear – which is great for those of you who are more forgetful.

It’ll also ease the mind of those on the sceptical side of how WhatsApp use our data and other bits and bobs.

One time and one time only.

This feature will save lots of people’s anxiety when it comes to sharing photos. Whether that’s to do with security or sheer embarrassment at how terrible the snaps and videos are.

This feature is available to you now and we can’t imagine a more perfect time than now to get a new mobile to try it out on.

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