Get ready to get creative with your Samsung.

There’s nothing quite like a good GIF. Whether you’re sticking them in the group chat, using them on your socials, or getting across exactly how you feel, they’re perfect.

There has been some controversy on how it’s pronounced, whether you’re a GIF’er or  JIF’er, we’ve got some news for you. (We’re GIF’ers just for the record).

Samsung have found a way to let you get creative and make your own animated GIFs with one key concept: you’re the star!

Ready, set, animate.

If you’ve got any of the S20 or the S21 models, then you can get involved in the animation fun. You’ve got the choice of turning yourself into an animated My Emoji or your favourite carton characters.

Both options are perfect for adding a little fun to your messages and will certainly put a smile on not only your face but the person at the receiving end.

Getting started is easy, even for those of you who don’t consider yourselves to be arty.

1) Open up the camera app on your Samsung.

2) Switch to AR Emoji mode.

3) Tap Make My Emoji.

4) Follow the instructions to create your own AR emoji.

This is the perfect opportunity to design a cartoon version of yourself. Want to make your eyes a little bluer? Go for it. Want to craft your brows to perfection? You got it.

When you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can do a number of different things. Open up the camera app again, tap AR Emoji and select your new character.

Once you’ve done this you can take a selfie wherever you are and appear as your very own cartoon character. You can even record videos using your Emoji which is a lot of fun if you’re out and about and maybe aren’t feeling up to being recorded yourself.

The products are hilarious and are great for things like birthday messages, holiday videos or for those mornings when you’re hungover and your face isn’t quite looking as fresh as normal.

Someone who has created an animated emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9.
Get ready for fun filled AR Emoji content.

You can also use your AR Emoji when you’re texting. A set of personalised stickers will be instantly created when you make your My Emoji.

You’ll have one for every occasion, whether you’re wanting to show happiness, sadness, anger, joy, love, or excitement. I think there’s an old saying that states a picture speaks a thousand words and in this case it’s true.

They’re perfect for those moments when you can’t quite convey how you’re feeling through words and need to use something a little more visual.

Get your GIF on.

Something else that might peak your interest is this fancy feature that lets you turn your own recorded videos into GIFs.

This is great for those moments that you just happen to catch on camera – a fall, a first kiss, a proposal or something else that’s super special. It lets you pull out this moment and transform it into a GIF that you can send to other people.

1) Open your gallery app and find the video you want to turn into a GIF.

2) Pause the video at the point you want the GIF to start.

3) Tap the GIF icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

4) Customise your GIF by stretching the duration of the video to choose how much of it you want to be included. You can also change the playback speed and playback direction in this section.

5) When you’ve finished editing, hit the save button and view your new GIF in the gallery app.

A print screen of the GIF option on Samsung gallery.
Creating your own GIF has never been easier.

Get ready to have a snippet of your favourite moments to keep forever. Pass them on, upload them and share them with everyone with the click of a few buttons.

Which GIF will it be?

Whether you’re looking forward to a summer at the pub, at the beach, at your friends houses or simply excited to spend time with your family, we imagine it’ll be fun.

With Samsung you can create stickers and cartoon emojis to express just how fun this summer will be as well as creating real life GIFs from your own video footage – and we think you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Luckily for you we’ve got some unmissable prices on Samsung that you’re bound to love. The GIFs are only moments away people!