Is this the return of normality? Get ahead of Track and Trace now.

We've been waiting a lifetime for things to get back to normal and finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As of the 19th of July, all restrictions will be lifted. That's right folks. No more 2 metre distance, no more masks and no more rule of six.

People will finally be able to catch up with their loved ones and start planning their weddings and birthday parties.

While things are going back to normal, it's worth noting that COVID-19 is still alive and thriving.

The NHS Track and Trace app will still be in full swing. It seems highly unlikely given the past year, but if you're not familiar with the app it's basically a way of minimalising the spread of the virus.

Download the Track and Trace app on your Android or iOS device. Then, when you’re in different locations around the UK, they’ll be pinpointed QR codes that you can scan using the app. This will essentially check you into the venue.

Someone using the Track and Trace app.
Track and Trace is super simple to use. 

If someone who also visits the same venue at the same time tests positive for COVID-19, the Test and Trace gets updated, and you receive a notification telling you that you’ve been exposed to the risk of catching the virus.

Of course, it’s not just Track and Trace that use QR codes; everyone will be trying to go contactless. You’ll need to scan QR codes for tickets, restaurants, and more.

For some of you this might sound ridiculously techy and complicated, but we promise it’s actually really straight forward. All you need is a mobile phone with a camera.

Here’s a handy guide on how to scan QR codes, both for everyday life and for Track and Trace.

How to scan a QR code on iPhone.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the latest iPhone with a state-of-the-art camera, or a reliable older model without the bells and whistles, scanning QR codes is simple.

Someone scanning a QR code on iPhone.
Scanning QR codes has never been easier.

To get started outside of the app, follow these three simple steps.

1) Open up your native camera app.

2) Position your phone so that the QR code appears fully in the digital viewfinder.

3) Launch the code – a notification bar will appear at the top of your screen directing you to a website or a page.

Scanning QR codes will make it easier to swing straight back into normality and it’s definitely not something you should fear or worry about. Even tech beginners can master it!

How to scan QR codes on Android.

Samsung, Google, Sony, and Huawei lovers can get in on the action too. You’ll need to make sure your Android phone supports QR code scanning and if not then download the QR Code Reader app.

1) Using Google Assistant to scan QR codes– long-press on the Home icon or say ‘OK, Google,’ then tap the Google Lens icon in the bottom right. Position the QR code so it’s fully visible in the frame of the camera.

A pop-up will appear that gives you an action to take. It may redirect you to a website, an app or encourage you to download something.

2) Using Bixby Vision to scan QR codes – Launch the camera app and then touch Bixby Vision. Make sure the QR code is in full view of the camera. A pop-up will appear and redirect you to a website, an app, or a download shortcut.

3) Using the camera to scan QR codes – On Google Pixel devices, you can launch your camera app and scan QR codes directly from there. Open up your camera, ensure the QR code fits the frame. Click on the pop-up that appears and wait to be redirected.

Someone using the Google Pixel to scan a QR code.
Google Pixel users can scan with ease.

4) Using the QR Code Reader app to scan QR codes – Open up the app and click on scanner in the bottom left hand corner. Ensure the QR code is in the camera frame. Click on the pop-up action and wait to be redirected.

If you’re checking in somewhere post-lockdown and want to discover how to use the NHS Track and Trace app efficiently, follow these four easy steps.

1) Open up the NHS Track and Trace app.

2) Tap of Venue Check In.

3) Ensure the QR code is positioned within the view finder on your phone.

4) Once the app registers the QR code, you’ll receive a notification saying you have been successfully checked in at that venue.

Scan and go!

QR codes will quickly become the everyday norm and you’ll want to be prepared for this, now that we’re allowed out again! Your phone cameras are useful for more than just taking snaps of the dog…

If you’re currently working with a brick of a phone and don’t want to be embarrassed when you whip it out to scan QR codes, you’re in luck – we’ve got top deals on the very best mobiles out there!