iOS 14.5 lets you ditch Apple Music and choose your own music player.

There has been a rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify users since time began – or at least since Apple launched its competing streaming service back in 2015.

Many iPhone users love to reap in the benefits that Apple offer like Apple Pay or their fitness app, but when it comes to music, we seem to get more particular.

If you’re someone who would never switch to Android but are also Spotify loyal, you’ll be over the moon with the upcoming iOS update. iOS 14.5 is set to boast a feature that lets you switch up your default music player.

Who’s your DJ?

It’s so easy, when we’ve got our iPhones hooked up to a speaker, to just call out Siri’s name and ask it to change song. But if you’re not an Apple Music user, the only thing your library may consist of is that random U2 album that downloaded one day and never went away…

There’s no buzz kill quite like bobbing along to the very best of Madonna while doing the housework and Siri skipping to something that can only be described as the prom song of every American rom-com.

The new update will eliminate the stress and Siri will ask you your preference the very first time you request a song. Whichever music app you select, be it Spotify or one of the many other cool music players, will be set as the default. Siri will then play songs from that app in the future!

An iPhone displaying Spotify.
Jam out to your favourite songs with ease!

If you’ve completely turned your back on Apple Music and don’t even have the app installed anymore, Siri won’t ask you which app you want to use, it’ll just default to the main music player you use – doing all the work for you!

Two peas in a pod.

Apple have all sorts of incredible products out there, not just iPhone, and it seems they all work in sync as one big family. So, some of you may be sat there crossing your fingers and toes and praying this works for your HomePod speaker too.

We’re thrilled to tell you, you can. You’ll no longer have to take a deep breath before requesting a song, just so you can cram ‘from Spotify’ on the end. It’s a little trickier than on iPhone though and requires a few more steps.

1) Connect the music app you want as your default player to your HomePod.

2) Next launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

3) When in the Home tab, click on the home icon in the top left corner.

4) Tap Home settings.

5) Tap your profile picture under People.

6) Under Media, you’ll see an option to select Preferred Service.

7) Choose the music player you want to use as default.

8) Siri will now use this as the default music player.

You’ll want to get this done in time for those post-lockdown parties and summer BBQs. After all, it’s not quite a party without a DJ is it?

A work in progress.

Apple haven’t confirmed when we’re likely to see the new update, but with it currently being in beta, we wouldn’t expect the wait to be much longer. You should be rearing and ready to go by the time we’re allowed to get our party back on!

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