It’s actually a secret “button” that does secret things…

There’s nothing quite like discovering features on your mobile that you never knew existed, and Apple are renowned for these hidden tricks and hacks. It seems that everything we knew about the Apple logo on our iPhones is a lie…

It’s not just a logo at all, it’s actually something much more impressive. It turns out iPhone users can transform it into a button (well, sort of) that’ll do lots of different things. We’ve all seen enough spy films to last a lifetime, but how would you like your own gadget?

It’s probably not quite as 007 as we’re making out but still super-cool and really easy to set up. We’ll stop with all the mystery now and get on with it, shall we?

A quick tap on the back.

This feature is called Back Tap and we promise it’ll change your life. It turns the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone into an effective button configured by you. That’s right, you’ll be able to control exactly what it does and cater it entirely to your needs.

This feature is hidden away in the Accessibility settings on your iPhone and is switched off by default. To get started, you’ll want to turn it on and choose from the number of options available to you.

You'll be able to control your Back Tap in your accessibility settings.

You can choose to set up Back Tap to take screenshots of things when you double tap the Apple logo. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find that sometimes when you’re in a hurry to screenshot something, you end up locking your phone entirely and miss the opportunity all together. So, why not eliminate this stress?

Back Tap can also be modified to lock your phone with a simple tap on the back. This can be so much easier than having to press in the lock button and is a handy way of locking your phone fast when you need to.

For those of you with newer iPhone models, you may still be feeling nostalgic about the loss of the much-loved home button. We have to admit, that was rough for us all. If only there was some way, we could find our way back home, quickly and easily…

You guessed it. A simple double tap can take you back to your home screen with the greatest of ease. We don’t know about you, but this gives us severe Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz vibes, minus the ruby slippers…

Like most of the population, lockdown might’ve forced you to take up running. Whether it’s to stay on top of your fitness while the gyms are closed, or it’s because everyone else is doing it and you feel somewhat guilty.

So, picture this. You’re running down the street, freezing. Your attention is divided between trying to breathe, making sure you don’t trip over and trying your very best not to get ran over.

Suddenly, an absolute banger of a song comes on. You’re not shocked at its brilliance, you made the playlist after all, and you are quite the DJ. The thing is you want to crank up the volume, but you want to do it fast.

With Back Tap you can control your volume and turn it up or down with two simple taps of your finger. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

There are lots more options available like App Switcher, direct access to the Control Centre, and Assistive Touch. To find the full list, follow these three easy steps.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Select Accessibility and then press Back Tap.

3) Go into Double Tap and voila, the full list appears.

A list of Back Tap personalisation options on an iPhone.
There are endless options that you can choose...

We all love a shortcut.

This secret hack will make your life so much easier and the great thing is, the choice is all yours. You might have lots of runs scheduled one week and decided to set Back Tap up to change your volume.

The next week you might be having a socially distanced Zoom drink with your friends and just know there’s going to be lots of fun moments to screenshot, so set it up for that. You’re not limited to just one, you’re only limitations are that you need an iPhone.

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