Translate, train and find answers with Google lens.

Google Lens is the next big thing and if you don’t know what it is, read this article and get to know. You won’t regret it.

It’s an image recognition tool that will literally change your life. We’re not even being dramatic either, it has a function for everything and will make mammoth tasks in your life seem so much simpler.

There are many things you can use Google Lens for and it’s smarter than your average app. Put plainly, Google Lens channels the power of AI and Google’s data and is able to recognise objects with ease.

Life with Google lens.

Your Google Lens can recognise lots of different things. Point it at a flower and it’ll tell you what species it is. Point it at a menu written in Spanish and it’ll tell you what’s in the linguine. Point it at an animal and it'll tell you the breed.

Google Lens identifying the bird of paradise.
Identify animals and discover everything about them.

It’s something that would’ve come in handy way back when as we struggled through algebra. Point Google Lens at an equation and it’ll solve it.

If you’re taking a trip on holiday, after a year of lockdown and cancelled trips, you can scan your flight ticket and Google can add the details straight to your calendar.

The fun doesn’t stop there, Google’s latest update brought even more to Google Lens. With over a 100 languages, translating just got easier.

Google Lens translating a foreign phrase.
Translate phrases with a simple snap.

It even brings together the best athletes from around the world so you can use AI to train with them in your own back garden.

Google Lens isn’t limited to Android devices so iPhone users can get in on the fun too. Google Lens doesn’t have its own app but instead has two different Google apps: the Google app and the Google Photos app.

The Google app lets you access the services you’re familiar with. Whether that’s news stories, search, updates on the weather and everything else in between.

The Google Photos app is the one to go for if you’re on your iPad. Both apps will request access to your photo library first, so make sure you approve access to that before you get started.

Here’s how to get started:

1)     On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app.

2)     Select a photo.

3)     Tap Google Lens.

4)     Check the details or take an action.

There are lots of different things you can take photos of and lots of different actions you can take too.

Take photos of:

- Business card: Save the phone number or address to a contact.

- Landmark or building: See historical facts about the property and opening times.

- Book: Get instant access to a blurb and read other people’s reviews.

- Event/party invitation: Add it to your calendar.

- Artwork: Discover everything about the artist.

- Plant or animal: Learn about different species and breeds.

Discover the world around you.

1)     Open the Google app on your iPhone.

2)     In the search bar, tap Google Lens. (You may have to allow permissions)

3)     On your screen, tap the item.

a.     If it’s text you’re looking at, tap a word twice and drag the blue dots.

4)     At the bottom, tap a result or press search.

Discover more with Google.

Google Lens is the feature that everyone needs to get on board with. Whether you’re looking to broaden how much you know about the world, want to translate phrases, or strive to keep your calendar organised as hell, Google Lens is perfect.

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