Join the battle from the comfort of your mobile.

We owe so much to the keyworkers who’ve put themselves at risk throughout this pandemic. When the country was put on pause, they kept working to protect and support the entire population.

There are ways you can join the battle against COVID-19, not quite in the same amazing ways as our NHS staff, teachers, and essential store workers, but hey – every little helps!

It turns out that you can use your Android or iOS device as a tool for scientific discoveries and Coronavirus research. You don’t have to give your mobile away or anything like that, you’ll simply be contributing your phone’s processing power, so scientists can use it for numbers and statistics.

DreamLab is an app that was launched back in 2015 by Imperial College London and Vodafone. It works when your phone isn’t being used and is somewhere charging up. You won’t notice any difference at all, but you could be making all the difference in the world.

Dream away.

While you’re sleeping soundly, dreaming of the day the world gets back to normal, Dreamlab will work away. To get involved you’ll need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

When you first open the app, you’ll want to decide whether you want it to use your mobile data for any projects. If you don’t, you can edit this in the data usage section located in settings.

If you turn this down to 0MB, the app will use Wi-Fi for its work instead. From here, you can brush your teeth, get into your pyjamas, and pop your phone on charge. You’ll then want to open up the DreamLab app and press Start Session.

Then you do nothing. You simply drift off to sleep while your phone does the work. The app will continue to work in the background as long as it’s connected to a power source. After using the app a few times, you’ll be shown stats that reflect your contributions.


Corona-AI is a project that Dreamlab are currently running. It’s split into three phases, with the first two having been completed. By contributing your phone’s processing power, you’re actually helping scientists to discover more about the virus.

A print screen of the Dreamlab app in action.
You'll even be able to track your progress!

The app has been running for some time now and has seen lots of projects from cancer research to genome projects and we’re certain that even more will be added in 2021. So, when the battle against Coronavirus is over, there may be other worthwhile studies that you can help with.

Get involved today.

This app is a great way of giving a little something back to those that are giving so much to us. All you have to do is sign up, put your phone on charge, and the app will take care of the rest.

In tough times like this, it’s nice to feel that everyone is coming together to help. Of course, to get involved, you’ll need an Android or iOS device and luckily for you, this is where we help out.

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