Is it time to switch to a small phone?

Like many others, I’ve had my fair share of iPhones – right back to the iPhone 3G in 2008. I’ve had iPhones that are huge, small and almost every colour you could imagine.

I used to be a firm believer in bigger being better. Bigger screens, more camera lenses – it all appealed to me.

That was until Apple started bringing out smaller mobiles that packed the same power. iPhone SE is renowned for being Apple’s pocket-rocket, budget-friendly iPhone – just two of the things I love about it.

The OG iPhone SE, back in 2016, came with a number of upgrades from iPhone 5s. From camera advancements and a longer battery life to one hell of a chip.

iPhone SE (2nd gen) boasts the same chip as iPhone 11 Pro and even more improvements to the battery and camera, when compared to its predecessor.

In true Apple fashion, it only makes sense that the recently announced iPhone SE, takes things one step further. I decided to review their latest model and it’s safe to say, I’m definitely team small phone.

Design and display thoughts.

As I’ve said, I can completely understand the craze behind big mobiles. More display, means more room for your endless Netflix binges.

The pain with big mobiles though is that they’re a nightmare to carry around. If, like me, your iPhone has a fairly permanent home in the back pocket of your jeans, you’ll find that it’s always falling out when you sit down or even bend down.

You need a bag the size of a suitcase to fit it in – which is no good for me considering all my handbags are tiny.

The new iPhone SE packs the 4.7-inch display we know and love, and is just as light and thin as you can remember.

iPhone SE display.
The display is the perfect size. 

While it’s slightly smaller than say iPhone 13, it’s a HD Retina display, meaning everything you stream looks crystal clear. And for someone like me, who uses their mobile to waste time scrolling through TikTok, it’s simply perfect.

Face ID has become the new norm, and I must admit I do miss that element on iPhone SE.

However, Touch ID is super-secure and easy to use on the go. The whole design of this iPhone makes it easy for those of you who have tiny hands – like me.

I’ve said it many times, when it comes to my iPhone, I’m clumsy. As much as I try and avoid dropping it, accidents do happen.

What I love most about the iPhone SE’s design is the fact it packs the same glass as iPhone 13. This element gives me some reassurance that when I am having a nightmare day, my iPhone will be somewhat protected.

Throw in an IP67 rating for water resistance and I’ll be sleeping like a baby. We all love having options. A huge food menu, outfits to choose from, which fragrance to go for and so on.

And when it comes to mobile phones, this is no different for me. iPhone SE comes in Midnight, a play on black if we’re truthful, and (PRODUCT)RED. Two classic colours that we’re all familiar with.

What I love is the new Starlight finish. It’s the perfect combination of a little colour with a dash of sparkle – nothing to in your face, but not boring either.

iPhone SE in all available colours.
Which colour will you choose?

Camera thoughts.

Cameras on modern mobiles can be a little overwhelming. There are so many settings, filters and even lenses.

iPhone SE strips back to the basics. And when I say basics, I don’t mean it’s a pants camera, it’s one of the best single lens cameras out there.

The 12MP lens shoots flawless shots every time and has a whole bunch of fancy features like portrait mode, Smart HDR and Photographic styles. All perfect for a social butterfly like myself who’s always out and about.

A photo of a woman wearing a pink jumper taken on iPhone SE.
Getting great portraits is easy peasy. 

If selfies are more your style, can never seem to get the angle right myself, then the 7MP front cam is perfect.

Performance thoughts.

Like many others, my iPhone is practically glued to my hand. I use it for pretty much everything from calling, FaceTiming and texting to browsing my socials, emailing and snapping shots of my nearest and dearest.

With all this use, a lot of power is essential. Battery, speed, storage, the works. The new iPhone SE boasts the very same, incredible A15 Bionic chip as iPhone 13.

This makes it a huge bargain in my eyes and the added battery life is music to my ears. Apple didn’t stop there, the day they met 5G was a big day for us all.

I’m talking bigger than your cousins wedding. Bigger than the last Harry Potter film. It was the last thing we were all waiting for – flawless 5G tech and they delivered.

As well as upgrading their mobiles, Apple have been working tirelessly to improve their 5G network. With more 5G bands, iPhone SE comes with incredible coverage in more places, which is perfect when you’re venturing out and about – as many of us do now.

Sign me up.

iPhone SE is available for pre-order now and will launch on 18th March. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, or hand given its size…

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