And it’s got me feeling like a pro photographer.

I’ve said it numerous times now. I am, and have always been, an iPhone lover. Like many others, I started with a Nokia brick and eventually moved up to a BlackBerry. but since then, it’s been Apple all the way.

I will say that if any mobile is going to get me to switch to the Android way of life, it’s the new Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung hosted their latest Unpacked event on 9thFebruary and unveiled three brand-new mobiles: Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra.

Let me just say, I’m a sucker for an excellent camera. While I’m all for living in the moment, I can’t help but love to snap photos.

It’s a habit I’ve developed. When I have no Wi-Fi or I’m on a long commute, or even a flight, I like to look back at photos.

An epic camera is an absolute necessity when it comes to the best mobile phones in this day and age. And that’s what has drawn me in with the Galaxy S22.

I reviewed everything about this phone from its camera and performance to its display and design. In perfect time for its upcoming launch date.

Display and design.

Another crucial element to a mobile phone is its display. Everyone in my house is a remote control hog. If the football isn’t on, it’s golf or even worse, cricket – no offence to any cricket lovers.

My point is, I often find myself tucked up in a corner somewhere watching replays of Greys Anatomy on my mobile and a cracking display makes this a lot easier.

The Galaxy S22 comes equipped with a flawless 6.1-inch Infinity-O display. It’s the perfect size to become totally immersed in all the hospital drama but will fit nicely in the smallest of handbags – and I have some silly sized handbags.

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S22 display upwards.
The Galaxy S22 boasts a flawless display.

The 120Hz refresh rate means everything that’s streamed is silky smooth. I hate lag and buffer, particularly that little loading sign that pops up on Netflix.

Vision Booster tech makes all this streaming, or gaming if you’re into that, so much easier. It seriously improves your view day or night.

When it comes to a design, I like something a little more secure. That’s because I’m known to slip it in my back pocket and then watch it fall to the ground every time I sit down.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’m told not to; I’ll continue to do this. The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with an added layer of protection.

The front and back are both designed with Gorilla Glass Victus+. Emphasis on the plus here. It’s the strongest glass used in any Galaxy phone.

The IP68 rating for water resistance compliments this beautifully. Spills and splashes are no match which is great news for those of you like me who change the song on Spotify while doing the dishes or when I’ve just got out of the shower.

I’ve already mentioned that I love binge watching shows I’ve seen a million times, but with some mobiles I find that the design interrupts the display.

With the Galaxy S22, this is no problem. The slimmer bezels mean that you can still get lost in your entertainment on a mobile that’s less chunky.

Choosing the colour of your mobile is major. I don’t care what anyone says. You’ll likely be paired with your Samsung Galaxy S22 for at least 2 years.

Samsung have stuck with the two colours we all know and love: Phantom Black and Phantom White. I’m all for keeping it classic, but the two fresh finishes are beyond eye-catching.

I’m not really a pink girl, but Pink Gold has a certain sparkle that I just can’t ignore. It’s not an overly, in-your-face pink but rather a gentle sparkle with just the right amount of colour.

There’s also green, which isn’t for me, but I can see why some people would love it.

The Galaxy S22 in all four available colours.
Which colour tickles your fancy?


I think if your mobile isn’t constantly glued to your hand, you’re one of the rarer few in life. Mine is in my hand much more than I would care to admit.

I love a mobile that’s built to last. And by that, I mean one that doesn’t die when I spend an hour on TikTok looking at dog videos.

The 3700mAh battery allows you to enjoy entertainment all day long. Whether your entertainment comes in the form of a good film or having a nosey on Facebook Market Place.

Wireless Power Share is another epic performance perk on the Galaxy S22. When you or your nearest and dearest are running low, you can share your power – providing they have the wireless power share feature too. Looks like I need some Android friends!

Super-fast 5G and 8GB of RAM just speed everything on up – and we all hate waiting around. As an iPhone user who has every app under the sun and a million photos of my dogs, having storage options is a dream.

The Galaxy S22 comes with the choice of 128GB or 256GB. I for one will be opting for 256GB but those of you who don’t hoard will still have plenty of room with 128GB.


I’ve saved the best until last. It seemed only right to keep you waiting. I’ve already explained how hugely important phone cameras are for me.

All jokes aside, taking photos and capturing memories is a huge part of all of our lives.

And while my camera roll may be full of Dolly and Buddy, my two pooches, I do have holiday snaps, family snaps and big group snaps of my friends that I want to keep forever.

Someone taking a photo of a golden retriever on the Galaxy S22.
Getting top dog photos is easy peasy. 

The whopping 50MP wide-angle lens makes mobile photography easy, even for beginners like me. I’m in a huge friend group and on those rare occasions where we all manage to be free the same day, we seize every photo op.

The 12MP ultra-wide lens is perfect, offering a bigger field of view so I can avoid those awkward arguments when someone is cropped.

For the finer details, the 12MP telephoto lens does more than just the job. 3X optical zoom allows you to get closer than ever with your subjects.

My favourite thing about the camera though is the incredible nightography feature. This works by pulling in light and dialling down flare.

So, for those social butterflies who venture out at night-time, prepare yourself for epic shots – even when the lighting isn’t co-operating.

The Galaxy S22 is the perfect mobile for selfie lovers too. The 10MP front cam will deliver flawless selfies every time – great news for those of you who’s social media needs a spruce.

Pre-order yours.

The Galaxy S22 has everything. The camera, design, display and the performance. It’s not only built to last but it’s designed to handle whatever your day throws in its way. Oh, and it looks incredible too.

You can pre-order your Galaxy S22 today and be prepared for launch day on the 11th March.