iOS 14.5 is here and it brings some shiny new faces.

iOS 14.5 is the update we've all been waiting for and it's safe to say it was absolutely worth the wait.

We've seen updates to music apps, the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask, and so many more exciting features - too many to name!

One thing we're super excited about is the whopping 217 new emoji that appear on your keyboard when you finally press update.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time looking for the perfect emoji – and with these new ones you certainly won’t be stuck for choice.

Apple have even taken the COVID-19 vaccine into consideration and replaced what we're sure was one of their most used blood-filled syringe emoji (for doctors at least) with a new plain syringe that is perfect for representing the vaccine.

Your social media posts will be popping as you'll finally be able to add this new emoji to your tweet telling all your followers that you're vaccinated!

The new Emoji update for the syringe.
A sneaky peak of the upgrade.

Hopeless and romantic.

The hopeless romantics of the mobile world will be thrilled to learn that 200 of the 217 new emojis are changes to the ‘couple with the heart’ and the ‘couple with the kiss´ emoji.

The current versions display the yellow skin tone – whereas the new ones have a much wider range of skin tones.

A photo of Emojipedia's 2021 couple emojis.
More inclusive emoji? Yes please!

Couples can now choose emoji that better represent themselves, making sure everyone has a more inclusive texting experience.

The new emoji are far more inclusive of the wide variety of relationship matches, making your texting and social media captions more adorable than ever.

It seems that we’re all suckers for love, with the selection of heart emojis being the most popular out there. The red heart ranks high in the top 10 emojis used on different social media platforms. But we think this new one will beat it!

The latest update will bring us a heart on fire, reflecting passion and love, or perhaps something slightly angrier if you’ve fallen out with a loved one – your choice! If this is the case, then the new mending heart emoji will be a perfect follow up for afterwards.

A photo of a mending heart emoji and a flaming heart emoji, released by Emojipedia for 2021.
Will you opt for the mending heart or the heart on fire?

Read my face.

It's not all love and passion though. A lot of us use emoji to express exactly what our faces are saying - especially because the person on the other end of the line can't see it!

There’s a new emoji that shows a face that’s exhaling. We’re taking this to mean a sigh or a sigh of relief – both ideal for texting about those long, gruelling days in the office.

iOS 14.5 has also lined up the perfect emoji for those moments when we’re shrouded in confusion.

The new face surrounded by clouds perfectly expresses that confusion, and quite possibly, a sense of pure relaxation? Although there's not much relaxing going on at the moment, what with the Global Pandemic and all.

Perhaps this emoji will be perfect when we're allowed to travel again. Pina Colada by the pool anyone? Maybe the new emoji will represent being a little drunk too...

Then there’s a new emoji that features spiral eyes, which we’ve taken to mean dizziness. Again a perfect emoji for a night after too much red wine when the room is spinning uncontrollably.

Of course, it's not all about the alcohol. Maybe your head is spinning because the ironing is 12 mile high, the house is a mess, it's 5pm and you're no closer to making tea and it's only you that seems to care! Relatable? We thought so.

A photo of three new emojis that Emojipedia have released.
The new faces are insanely relatable. 

Emoji for everyone.

It's the 21st Century people and being inclusive is what everyone should be about so we're so glad to see that iOS 14.5 is stepping up the emoji game. Introducing more gender inclusive emoji.

The new update features facial hair options for a non-gender specific person, a man and a woman. Now more people can feel better represented - hats off to Apple!

A photo of the new facial hair emojis released by Emojipedia for 2021.
The new facial hair emojis are more gender inclusive. 

Which will you use first?

Searching for the perfect emoji is an impossible task sometimes, but iOS 14.5 are certainly making it easier for us. We can’t wait to see the new faces and see how you up your emoji game.

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