Hey Siri, why’s your voice different?

iOS 14.5 is ready and waiting for all you iPhone users to download. It brings some incredible new updates that we’re seriously loving.

The whopping 217 new emoji are certainly up there with our favourite features while the new ability to unlock our iPhone while wearing a mask has just blown us away.

Those of you who’ve paid close attention to the update may have noticed that Siri has gotten a little makeover too.

Siri is like your very own personal assistant. It’ll update your calendar, direct you to where you need to be, call and send text messages to your friends, and not forgetting the fact that it makes one hell of a DJ.

You’ve always been able to change up Siri’s accent in your settings, but iOS 14.5 brings something new that’s set to make everything a little more fun.

Hey Siri, what accents can you do?

iOS 14.5 has removed Siri’s default voice. We’re not saying there was anything wrong with its old voice, but it certainly wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you’re struggling to remember just what the default Siri voice sounds like, think of a monotonal, slow talking, robotic female and multiply how annoying this would be by a hundred – no offense to old default Siri of course.

With the new update, iPhone users can now choose from several male and female voices – whichever tickles your fancy.

It’s not only new voices that the new update brings, it’s accents too. You can choose between American, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, or South African accents.

Siri's features on iPhone.
Siri has a range of new funky features.

This makes Siri more inclusive and allows everyone the opportunity to choose which accent suits them best.

Getting started is easy.

1) Tap Siri & Search.

2) Select Siri Voice.

3) Choose your accent.

4) To change your default Siri language, go to Siri Language and choose the one suited to you.

For those of you familiar with Siri, you’ll also be familiar with it popping off at the most inappropriate times.

Here’s how you can set up Siri and access it only when you need it – not in the very quiet doctor’s waiting room or in the queue at Tesco.

Here’s how you can control when you hear Siri’s new voice:

1) Head to Siri & Search.

2) Tap Siri Responses.

Here you will notice that the default is ‘When Silent Mode is Off’. You can change this so that Siri will respond to your requests, even when your iPhone is on silent.

Another option, which is great for times when your hands are occupied, is that Siri will only respond when you say the famous phrase: ‘Hey Siri’. This means you’ll finally be able to wave goodbye to Siri appearing out of nowhere.

You can also go all Aladdin and choose to summon Siri when you hold down the side power button – a little like three rubs on the lamp. Control whether Siri can answer your questions when your iPhone is locked or whether it stays silent until you unlock it.

Siri will also offer help when you need to know who’s calling you on your hands-free devices – so you know which ‘hello’ to use when you answer or know whether to press reject…

1) Go to Siri & Search.

2) Tap Announce Calls and turn the toggle on.

Thanks Siri.

This new update is set to make Siri more inclusive and accessible to all iPhone users. Plus, it’s a lot more fun too!

To get in on all the action, you’ll need to bag yourself an iPhone with the iOS 14.5 update installed.

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