From a melting face to a troll, Apple have made things interesting.

iOS 15.4 is the latest version of Apple’s epic software and it has officially landed. It brings a bunch of cool new features, including 37 new emoji which we’re thrilled about.

The emoji come in all sorts of shapes and varieties, from new faces to some rather strange and specific objects – kidney beans is all we’re saying.

With iOS 15.4 available for download now, we thought we’d give you an overview of the new emoji you get to experience.

New faces.

We all use emoji every day. Whether that’s on our social media, texts with our friends or maybe even on email if your boss is a fan of that.

They just perfectly convey what we’re trying to say and to be frank, we’d be lost without them.

We have been gifted 7 new smiley faces, including a new melting face which we’re not sure what to make of.

Perhaps it’s just in time for the roasting heat wave we’re expecting in April? Maybe it’s the new exhausted face? It’s certainly funky and we’re excited to see how iPhone users, well, use it.

In an effort to offer all people emoji, we’ve seen a man emoji, a woman and a person. The new emoji build on this bringing us a person with a crown on, a pregnant person and a pregnant man too.

Three gender inclusive emoji in iOS 15.4.
More gender inclusive emoji are part of the mix. 

Hand gestures are one of our personal favourites. The thumbs up is a popular one and can be used in so many different conversations. However, the new pointing emoji could quickly become our new favourite.

The handshake emoji has had an upgrade too, with 25 new variations that include multi-racial handshakes.

Multi-racial handshake emoji.
Multi-racial handshake emoji are new too. 

Like we said above, there are a fair few random emoji updates such as the kidney beans. Now, while we’re not sure when on earth this one would be used, it’s always nice to have options.

Joining the beans is a low battery emoji, a disco ball, a crutch and an ID card. There are lots of other new additions to the Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Objects and Symbols section.

Give us a smile.

We for one can’t wait to put these new emoji into practice. But this isn’t the only new feature iOS 15.4 brings, how does unlocking your iPhone with a mask on sound? Without your Apple Watch too!

iOS 15.4 is available for you to download on your iPhone now, so you can explore just how epic it is.

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