Everything you need to know about the new low-cost iPhone SE arriving in 2020.

Introducing iPhone SE, Apple’s brand-new, incredibly affordable iPhone announced Wednesday 15 April. You no doubt already want one, and fortunately, you don’t have long to wait...

But before we dive in, let’s settle something. Yes, this is the second iPhone to be called iPhone SE, after the first-generation iPhone SE was launched by Apple back in 2016.

The latest iteration is an exciting update with lots of new features, but bears the same name with pride – not iPhone SE 2, nor iPhone SE 2020, or even the rumoured iPhone 9 – simply iPhone SE.

With the new iPhone SE’s name put to bed, let’s start answering the most important questions you have, like how much does iPhone SE cost? When can I pre-order iPhone SE and when’s the release date in the UK? Not to mention a rundown of the iPhone SE specs and features. Here’s everything we know.

What’s the iPhone SE Price?

The exciting new iPhone SE will be available in three colours: black, white and (PRODUCT)RED. Matching the number of available colours is the selection of storage capacities, which will be available in: 64GB, 128GB and the larger 256GB.

While choosing your colour won’t affect the price, the different capacities do. The iPhone SE 64GB price comes in at a very affordable £419, with the 128GB version priced at £469, and the 256GB iPhone SE to cost £569.

These are of course the SIM free prices for buying the new iPhone SE outright; we’ll be bringing you pay monthly contract prices once pre-orders become available.

When Can I pre-order iPhone SE?

You lucky people really don’t have long to wait before you can pre-order iPhone SE. Our pre-orders will be available from 1pm on Friday 17th April 2020, which is of course tomorrow morning.

We recommend getting your order in as soon as possible once pre-orders are available, as our customers will be served on a first-come basis. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get an email as soon as iPhone SE pre-orders are live.

When is the iPhone SE Release Date?

Apple isn’t moving slowly on its new iPhone. Pre-orders will be live for just one week before iPhone SE officially launches on Friday 24th April 2020.

With the high street currently closed in the UK, if you want to get your iPhone SE on the official launch date, you’ll need to buy it online. Which you’ll be able to do at Buymobiles.net from 1pm on Friday 17th April.

The latest iPhone is inspired by the classic and compact look and feel of the best-selling iPhone 8

The design of iPhone SE will no doubt look pretty familiar to Apple fans, as it’s inspired by the classic and compact look and feel of the best-selling iPhone 8. The specs on the inside are a completely different story, though.

iPhone SE in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED
iPhone SE: choose your colour wisely

Where to begin? Well, Apple’s not afraid to boast that its new iPhone SE is powered by its fastest ever mobile phone chip – the A13 Bionic. It’s the same chip that the flagship iPhone 11 Pro uses, which means you’re getting top-of-the-range speed and performance on an incredibly affordable iPhone.

So, while iPhone SE looks like the classic iPhone 8 – which isn’t a bad thing, by the way – it’s up to 40% faster. And over twice as fast as the iPhone SE from 2016. This is a serious upgrade.

This is an iPhone built on bold claims, with Apple also describing it has owning the best single-camera system ever featured on an iPhone. What does that look like and mean to you? A 12MP Wide camera works with that A13 Bionic chip we mentioned above to unlock more benefits of computational photography, which is what gives you those edgy Portrait shots, as well as six different Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control.

Woman standing in alleyway having her photo taken on iPhone SE
Photos are popping on iPhone SE

Not one to scrimp on design materials, Apple has fashioned its low-cost but value-packed iPhone SE from aerospace-grade aluminium and durable glass. Sounds fancy right? What that means is iPhone SE is tougher than the previous generation and comes with the added benefit of an IP67 rating, making it both water- and dust-resistant. This is an iPhone that doesn’t worry about splashes, nor do you have to splash out to get your hands on one.

While the display doesn’t cover the entire front of iPhone SE, the classic implementation does allow room for the familiar and popular Home button, which iPhone users have loved for years. Not just as way for quickly jumping back to the Home screen, but because of the slick experience Touch ID offers. It’s integrated into the Home button, designed to detect your fingerprint to quickly unlock your iPhone SE, log into apps, authorise App Store purchases and Apple Pay transactions.

Adventure game being played on iPhone SE
Small on screen size, big on the action

The quality of the display doesn’t disappoint – but does it ever on an iPhone? Apple’s treated its new iPhone SE to a more compact 4.7-inch Retina HD display that doesn’t just present itself as a great option for users who prefer a smaller screen, but the quality is exceptional with natural, vibrant colours and what Apple describe as “paper-like” viewing. Basically, it looks and feels like the real deal, rather than a garish, imitation that you sometimes get from lower cost mobile phones.

An additional benefit of having a smaller device like iPhone SE is a better battery life. Simply because there’s less screen to power. Apple says its new iPhone SE lasts about the same as iPhone 8, which is about 13 hours of video playback and plenty to see you through the day.

What iPhone SE boasts that iPhone 8 never could, though, is support for fast-charging technology that juices power up to 50% in just 30 minutes. If that’s not enough for you, maybe support for wireless charging is – just get yourself a Qi-certified wireless charger and you’re good to go.

You’ve no doubt read enough by now and simply want to get your hands on the new iPhone SE. Keep an eye out for our pre-order deals which will be live from 1pm on 17th Friday. Register your email with us to get a notification as soon as they’re ready.