Track Santa, style Santa, call Santa – the options are endless!

Get your Clause on all the festive cheer this Christmas. We’re here to tell you about the best Christmas apps that you can download to keep your children’s spirits up.

From Santa trackers, a spy cam and even a message from Santa himself, there are endless apps you can download that will make this time of year even more special for you and your families.

The best bit? You can get them all on your phone making Christmas that little bit easier for you.

Santa’s secret spy cam.

There’s an app called Santa Spy Cam that lets you capture real life footage of Santa in your home. Your little ones will be able to watch him eating cookies in your living room, or enjoy videos of elves racing around the tree in a toy car.

It’s the perfect app to keep the magic alive and is certain to put a smile on their faces on Christmas day. It’s available for iOS users and is completely free. Here's the app in action!

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Naughty or nice?

December is a great month when it comes to dealing with bad behaviour because you can always fall back on Santa’s naughty or nice list.

If your child is acting up, you just have to mention the list and suddenly you’re flooded with apologies and niceties – after all, nobody wants to be on the naughty list!

If this is sounding all too familiar for your house, then you’re in luck. There’s an official Naughty or Nice Free Scanner app available on iOS that lets you press your rear camera onto your little terror’s head to assess which list they’re on.

A photo of someone demonstrating the Naughty or Nice app.
Will it be naughty or nice? 

It boasts lifelike sound effects and fancy lights that will have them sat in awe as they eagerly await their fate. You can of course control the outcome by selecting naughty or nice or you can select random. Why not play Santa for the day?

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A little message from Santa.

It’s important for Santa to keep up to date with the times. So we got him a great deal on a new phone, so he can keep in touch with children all around the world. This app has lots of fun features that will have your children oozing Christmas spirit.

Someone holding an iPhone displaying the message from Santa app.
Get a personal call from Santa himself. 

You can receive a call from Santa himself, and alter the settings so he mentions your child’s name, age, and interests, all to make it extra personal. Your little one can leave a message on his voicemail and tell him all about their wish list, and ask about the weather in the North Pole. He’s even got good at texting and replies instantly!

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Style Santa this Christmas.

This Christmas, your children can take the reins on their own creative studio when they download Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift. They can style Santa himself or decorate their own Christmas tree with the endless fancy features.

A cartoon image of Santa taken from the Toca Hair Salon app.
Santa will have never looked so good!

It’s a cracking app to keep your kids entertained over the Christmas period. They can even save their creations and share them with family members! This app is available on iOS and is free to be downloaded from the App Store.

Download for iOS

Find out exactly where Santa is.

Christmas Eve is a super-exciting night for children. The cookies and milk are left out and Polar Express is blaring in the background. The Christmas PJs are on and the little ones are bouncing around full of energy, but where’s Santa?

With the Santa Tracker – Track Santa app available for iOS, your children can get cosy and see where abouts Santa is in the world. Whether he’s at the other side of the world or right around the corner, they’ll be able to pinpoint him – it’s the perfect app for building up the buzz on Christmas Eve!


Christmas cheer all around.

These apps are perfect for keeping spirits up and the magic alive in your house this Christmas.

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