From VIP treatment to free food.

One thing that the whole of the UK seem to have in common is their love for a good freebie and we’re with you on that.

There’s nothing quite like bagging yourself a treat and not having to put your hand in your pocket to pay for it.

It seems that the UK’s top networks have recognised this and are offering you more than just great data allowances. When you get your new phone with either O2, Three or Vodafone, you’ll get access to a number of amazing perks.

Whether you’re an entertainment lover, a foodie, or love a good concert, there’s something for everyone.

We thought you might like a little guide on all things network perks, so you can decide which is best for you.

Go VIP with O2.

Get out your glad rags and polish your shoes people because O2 are giving you the full VIP treatment. Priority is exclusive to O2 and offers incredible discounts on food, entertainment, travel and more.

Someone holding a phone displaying the O2 Priority app.
Get discounts no matter where you are.

From a free coffee at your local shop on your daily commute to discounts at theme parks and zoos around the UK. Priority puts you and your family first and lets you take fun days out that you can all enjoy – and afford!

Priority customers get these treats every week which means you’ll always have something to look forward to.

You’ll even get the chance to enter into draws and win huge prizes such as holidays in exotic places around the world – how does a trip to the Maldives sound?

Concert lovers should tune in around now. Whether you’re a heavy metal headbanger or love nothing more than some cheesy pop song by Olly Murs, Priority is perfect.

When you get a deal with O2, you get Priority access to sports and gigs events. This means you can get your hands on tickets before anyone else and get them for a better price too!

VeryMe Rewards with Vodafone.

When you get a mobile phone deal with Vodafone, you’re automatically given an exclusive membership to the VeryMe Rewards scheme.

This is an app that Vodafone users can download to access free films, sweet treats and more. These freebies include your favourite things from Costa, Thorntons, Greggs, and Vue cinemas.

Someone using the VeryMe rewards app.
Get a new treat every week with Vodafone VeryMe rewards.

For those days when you’re in the bad books, you can actually gift your reward to your loved ones, regardless of whether they’re a Vodafone customer or not – and what better way to say sorry than with a free sausage roll?

The rewards are updated regularly which means you’ll always be able to log on and get something special at the end of a tough working week.

Roam with Three.

Three recently launched their epic Three+ app which offers their customers access to a whole bunch of things including pre-sale festival tickets and a range of offers on the biggest brands.

The cinema is always fun, what's not fun is when you have to reconsider re-mortgaging your house to pay for the tickets and all the tricks.

With Three+ you can enjoy exclusive discounts on Cineworld tickets, making it a little easier to splash out on popcorn.

Sometimes we're not in the mood for the cinema. Sometimes, curling up on the sofa, watching a Netflix original and ordering a take-away sounds perfect.

If you're lucky enough to be in an area that has Uber Eats, you can browse their site and enjoy exclusive discounts on your favourites - will it be pizza, Chinese or maybe Thai?

To get in on all the fun, you need to download the Three+ app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

You enter the phone number associated with your Three account, they'll send you a verification code and you're good to go.

The perkiest of perks.

No matter which network you opt for, you’re promised a little bit more than a great mobile phone deal. From free pasties to discounted tickets, there’s something for everyone.

We’re hoping that this guide will take you one step closer to choosing which network is best for you. After all, who doesn’t love a good freebie?

If you’re currently sat deciding whether you want Apple Music or free coffee’s, you may want to check out our range of deals on each network, so you can finalise your decision. Will it be: O2, Vodafone, or Three?