Major UK networks are waiving charges to support Ukraine.

Vodafone, EE, O2, Three and SMARTY have announced that they’re dropping all charges on calls and texts to Ukraine.

Some networks are waiving roaming charges for those currently in Ukraine, while others are reimbursing any costs that may incur when contacting loved ones in the country.


Vodafone announced that while they don’t have any employees in Ukraine, their thoughts are with everyone affected by the situation.

They’re offering free roaming to any customers of theirs, currently in Ukraine, and implementing free calls and text messages for any customers and colleagues who may be reaching out to those in Ukraine.

Vodafone in Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic are currently helping customers and colleagues.

In addition to this, the Vodafone Foundation is donating £500k from its Humanitarian Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations in Czech, Romania and Hungary. The aim is to support refugees coming from Ukraine.


O2 are removing all roaming charges and any costs on calls, texts and data usage for customers in Ukraine.

For UK customers contacting family and friends in Ukraine, O2 are crediting back any costs for calls, texts and any data used when reaching out to Ukrainian numbers.

Customers won’t have to do anything to get reimbursed, O2 will take care of everything.


Three released a statement saying that they want to help customers in Ukraine in any way that they can.

They have removed all roaming charges in Ukraine and will be crediting any charges associated with calls and texts from the UK to Ukraine back to customers’ accounts.


EE have joined other networks making texts, calls and data to and from Ukraine completely free.

EE have made a point of stating that signal in the area may be severely affected by any damaged base stations and equipment.


In light of the escalating situation in Ukraine, SMARTY are too waiving all charges on calls and texts sent to the UK from Ukraine. Customers in Ukraine will also be able to use data without any charge.

Calls and texts sent to Ukraine numbers from the UK will not be subject to any charges.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine.