No really, they're unbelievable.

It's no secret that mobile phones are a huge part of all our lives. We use them to communicate with our loved ones, take a million photos of our dogs and for those weirder than most, to keep us entertained during bathroom breaks.

We've gathered up the weirdest and most whacky facts we could find about the mobiles we've come to depend on so dearly.

1) The first mobile phone cost about £2500

Martin Cooper holding the first Motorola mobile phone

Mobile phones aren't just a now thing, the first mobile was actually sold in the States back in 1983.

Martin Cooper, the lovely gentleman pictured above, invented it but it was anything but cheap.

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Believe it or not, the first mobile phone cost around $4,000 (or £2,500). Yikes - there's one hell of a fact for you.

2) Mobile phones are dirtier than toilet handles

This mobile phone fact might gross you out a tad. For those of you who have your mobile glued to your hand, you might be changing your ways.

Our mobiles go just about everywhere with us… which means that it picks up a bunch of germs along the way.

A used mobile picks up around 18 more types of bacteria than a toilet seat. One to think about next time you're on the loo. So, remember to clean your mobile phone regularly and safely!

3) Your mobile is more powerful than a spaceship

We talk about the chips and processors in our mobiles a lot - and for good reason too.

Apple's latest A15 Bionic quite literally blew us away. And Android just keep finding new ways to make their processors more powerful.

But, did you know that the average mobile now has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing, according to NASA.

4) Apple once sold 340,000 iPhones per day

iPhones are the go to mobiles for majority of the population. iPhone 13 itself has sat at the top of our list for the top 10 mobiles our customers are loving, since its release.

They haven't recently become popular, back in 2012, iPhone sales were at a serious high.

Apple actually sold around 340,000 iPhones per day - that's a whopping 125 million that year!

5) Scientists can charge phones using urine

Bear Grylls has told us a lot of weird and wonderful stories about urine - although with this mobile phone fact, you don't have to drink your own...

Scientists down in Bristol developed a way of charging phones using urine. Researchers believe that the future of charging could involve using ‘smart toilets’ to gain and store energy - perhaps an answer to this energy crisis?

6) The first mobile phone weighed 2.5lbs

Mobile phones in today's world weigh around 200g, with new models becoming more lightweight by the day.

The first ever mobile phone however, weighed around 2.5lbs. And for those of you who just think about babies when lbs are mentioned, 2.5lbs is almost the same as a toaster.

Imagine carrying the weight of a toaster in your pocket - you'd need to start increasing your weights at the gym!

7) The fear of being without your phone is real

When our mobile phones die or we misplace them, we can't help but feel a little lost.

But one mobile phone fact that may shock you is that there's such a thing as being scared to be without your mobile.

This phenomenon actually has a name – nomofobia. The term is a combination of the phrase ‘no mobile phobia’ and… let’s face it… we’ve all been there.

8) Nokia loved morse code

When you think of Nokia mobiles, you'll automatically be reminded of Snake, the funky orange-looking screen but more importantly, the famous Nokia ringtone.

But did you know that the Nokia ringtone is actually SMS in morse code? We didn't know either.

9) Is your mobile phone really ringing?

We've all experienced the sensation of feeling like our mobile phone is ringing when it's not.

Some of us even take our mobiles out to check whether we're going out of our minds or someone is on the other end.

It turns out, ringxiety is actually a real psychoacoustic phenomenon. This is the sensation that you get when you're certain you can feel or hear your mobile ringing.

10) Steve Jobs loves a routine

We're not unveiling a secret mobile phone fact here about Steve Jobs' secondary career - he's not a ballet dancer as far as we know.

We're talking about the fact that Jobs announced the first iPhone at 9:41am back in 2007.

Subsequently, every ad for Apple iPhones is shown at 9:41am. We don't know about you, but we find that extremely impressive.

We don't often take the time to sit and think about what our mobiles are good for outside of social media and making calls.

These 10 mobile phone facts are both weird and wonderful - but they're certainly good to know.

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