Apple are renowned for their sleek iPhone finishes, but this would seriously raise the bar…

For many of us, black is our go-to colour for cars, clothes, and definitely phones. There’s just something so classic about it, harking to that old phrase less is more. Black boasts a sense of simplicity and coolness, right. But matte black? That’s just different gravy.

Many of the phones we know and love have an anodized metal wrapped around them. According to TechRadar there are all sorts of problems that arise when manufacturers try to apply a matte black finish onto this metal, but have we ever known Apple to shy away from a challenge? Of course not.

A lot of the matte black devices that you’re familiar with actually use plastic rather than metal in their finishes, but Apple is said to have stepped up to the task of overcoming these hurdles, so they can deliver us the real deal.

What do we know?

A patent was spotted at Patently Apple and included sketches of an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad, and an Apple laptop of some sort, all with the matte black finish. It seems that Apple are having a crack at bringing this to all of their products – though this is just speculation of course.

For those of you with a tip-top memory, you’ll be thinking well they’ve done it once before, haven’t they? Yes, you’re right. Apple delivered us the iPhone 7 in matte black back in the day, but unfortunately, they stopped there.

Someone holding an iPhone 7 in matte black.
Could matte black be making a return? 

We can only assume it’s because of the manufacturing challenges they faced, as the finish hasn’t surfaced on other models since. Now, as with all patent applications, there’s no guarantee that Apple is going to nail it and get a perfect matte black finish to roll out.

We could see it on iPhone and perhaps an Apple Watch, across all products or on none at all – although that would be quite sad. A patent just simply shows plans and ideas, nothing is set in stone… or metal.

If creating a matte black iPhone is tricky, we can’t imagine how difficult it would be to make a  matte black MacBook, or the difficulty that would go into saying matte black MacBook every day. The size and the complexity might be too much, but an iPhone is only small, right?

Apple love to explore.

Exploring fancy colours is not something new for Apple, as we’ve seen with their incredible iPhone 12 series. So, if you can’t wait to see if Apple pull it out the bag with this matte black finish, check out the iPhone 12.

The 12 and 12 mini are available in five stunning finishes: black, blue, green, PRODUCT(RED) and white, with Apple offering colours to match your personality.

A photo of iPhone 12 in all five available colours.
iPhone 12 is the perfect example of Apple's fabulous finishes. 

You can also get your hands on their iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max in one of four elegant new finishes. You can opt for pacific blue, gold, silver, or graphite – which we think are all very fitting with Christmas coming up.

Apple have been experimenting with colours for as long as we can remember. Take their iPhone 11 Pro Max for example, it comes in midnight green, space grey, gold, and silver. They’ve never been one to stick with the standard black or white options.

Wait and see…

This news has got us all bouncing around eagerly awaiting to hear any update from Apple. We might finally get our hands on a matte black, metal finish, iPhone and we couldn’t be more excited if we tried.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, and we can’t give you any sense of a time scale if Apple are successful. But, if you’re like us and just simply can’t wait, then we’ve got some incredible deals on the iPhones that Apple have already graced us with.