Ten times Nokia threw the rule book straight out the window.

Nokia, what happened to you? You used to have so much flair back in the day, with your kooky, bordering on zany, mobile phone designs.

While the rest of the industry was pouring money into smart and innovative new features – what chumps – you guys kept it real by thinking up wacky new ways of packaging your phones.

Sure, eventually you fell out of favour, but we admired your courage and creativity. Truly.

To celebrate it, and your once great brand, we’ve compiled 10 of our favourite, completely crazy Nokia mobile phones, that, if you were born after the year 2000, probably won't believe ever existed.

1) Nokia 3650 (2002)

At a time when absolutely no one had a problem with rectangular keypads, Nokia thought to hell with them, the people want their keys awkwardly positioned in a circle. That’s when Nokia 3650 was born. Poor guy.

Nokia 3650 Phone

2) Nokia 7600 (2003)

Somewhere in between a Tamagotchi and a mobile phone, the Nokia 7600 has to be one of the most bizarrely shaped devices ever made. Nokia got everything from the button layout, to the leaf-like design, completely wrong. Yet I was desperate for one at the time…

Nokia 7600 Phone

3) Nokia 6800 (2003)

Sometimes, it’s not until you have something new, that you think, “How did I ever cope with life before this?” I imagine that’s what Nokia 6800 users thought when their keypad suddenly divided in two, transforming into a full on QWERTY keyboard.

 Nokia 6800 Phone

4) Nokia N-Gage (2003)

I owned one of these as a teenager and desperately wanted to love it. But despite my best efforts, it really sucked as a handheld games console. Particularly when Nintendo had just released its Game Boy Advance SP and I was tearing it up on Pokémon Ruby.

Nokia N-Gage Phone

5) Nokia 3200 (2003)

The only saving grace with Nokia 3200 was that you could remove the interchangeable covers, and not have to look at the same, Art Deco inspired one for too long.

Nokia 3200 Phone

6) Nokia 7700 (2003)

This one didn’t quite make it to market, but was intended to be the first multimedia smartphone, with a touchscreen, camera, FM radio, Bluetooth and web browser. Nokia 7700 will be forever remembered as the X Wing pilot helmet that almost was.

Nokia 7700 Phone

7) Nokia 7280 (2005)

Nokia really mugged us off with this one, because at first glance, it doesn’t even look like a mobile phone. Or the second glance for that matter. With a spinning wheel for navigation, Nokia 7280 looks like an ambitious effort to fuse an iPod and lipstick. Super weird.

Nokia 7280 Phone

8) Nokia N90 (2005)

Now this phone was totally bad-ass. Mind-blowing, swivelling engineering meant Nokia N90 could transform into a compact video camera in just a couple of seconds. Yeah the video quality was woeful and it meant answering calls was a ball-ache, but look at it.

Nokia N90 Phone

9) Nokia 3250 (2005)

With a rotating keyboard, Nokia 3250 was like the world’s easiest Rubik’s Cube. But instead of revealing a new row of colours, the flip side featured some basic MP3 controls, letting you play, stop, skip and return.

Nokia 3250 Phone

10) Nokia 7370 (2005)

Targeting the fashion-conscious, Nokia 7370 was adorned with a fetching floral pattern that always reminded me of a blingy Japanese flower garden. The display looked like a slider, but was actually way funkier than that. It kind of slid and rotated 180 degrees, in one slick motion.

Nokia 7370 Phone

Can you remember a weirder looking Nokia mobile phone? Let us know in the comments below.