Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

The latest Apple update brings a number of changes. Most are fantastic like their new Focus feature which has had people taking to social media to rave about how insane it is.

Many are describing the Do Not Disturb feature as revolutionary with one user claiming it understood the assignment.

While many of you are loving the new update there is one feature that we, like so many others, are finding it difficult to come to terms with.

iOS 15 has moved the Safari search bar to the bottom of the screen. While we know Apple had their fans in mind when they made this change and our thumbs do naturally sit at the bottom of our screens, we’re just not sure about it.

Perhaps it’s because it’s new and unfamiliar or maybe it’s because it’s downright criminal behaviour. One Twitter user agrees with us completely and has gone as far to call the change manipulative.

The search bar has been at the top since time began and if, like us, you can’t get to grips with it, we’ve figured out how to change it back.

If you’re reading this and disagreeing with everything we’re saying, don’t panic. We’ve discovered some tricks and hacks that make your newly positioned Safari bar easier to use. We might even start to love it after these…

We want it back.

Alexa, play I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys. If like the Backstreet Boys, you’re set in your ways, there’s a handy trick that lets you revert your search bar back up top.

1) Open your Safari.

2) Tap the Aa button that’s situated to the left of the search bar.

3) Choose Show Top Address Bar.

Voila! It’s that simple. Your search bar is back where it belongs.

Give me the tricks.

Once you get over the initial positioning of the new search bar, there are a number of tricks that make browsing the internet so much easier.

Gesture away.

Gestures are something that you may not make enough use of, but they’re a great way of saving time – particularly when surging the web.

Swipe it: iOS 15 has made it easier to move between your tabs, simply swipe right. To open a new tab, swipe left. Easy peasy.

Switch it: You can quickly switch tabs by swiping up from the search bar. The tab switcher will appear and you can choose which tab you want to look at.

Close it: If you want to close a tab, you no longer need to open the tab and find the X button. Simply swipe left in the tab switcher and it’ll get rid in a flash.

Refresh it: Refreshing has never been easier with the new positioning. Simply head to the top of the page you’re on, pull down and it’ll refresh.

Organisation is key.

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve got a million tabs open at once and you just can’t find the one you’re looking for. Luckily for you, this new Safari update brings a tab groups feature. This lets you organise your tabs into groups and name them accordingly.

Tab groups on iOS 15's new update.
Tab groups is about to seriously organise your browsing. 

Your new groups will even sync to your iPad and your Mac – making your browsing universally organised.

1) Open up Safari on your iPhone.

2) Select tabs to open up your tab switcher.

3) Choose the tabs dropdown.

4) Select create a new tab group. You’ll be given the option to group all current open tabs or to create a blank tab group.

Think fast, act faster.

Nobody likes to waste time. There’s nothing worse than a simple task that takes much longer than it you ever expected.

The new Safari update brings a couple of shortcuts for various tasks that make browsing easier. If you press and hold the address bar, you can begin a voice search.

This means you can literally speak into your iPhone and tell it what you want to search for. It saves you typing out your search, making it easier for searches on the go.

With this hack, you can also copy the current URL and move the page to a different tab group.

A private life is a happy life.

You may already be familiar with Private Mode on your Safari. It’s a way of enjoying a browsing session away from prying eyes.

If anyone was snooping on your iPhone, Private Mode would ensure nobody could see your tabs or access what it was you were looking at.

Private Mode browsing on iPhone.
Private Mode is perfect for keeping those nosy people out. 

It’s perfect for those moments when you’re searching for a birthday present and want to keep it a secret, or whatever else you like to search when you’re alone…

1) Hold the Tabs section.

2) Choose New Private Tab.

3) You will enter Private Mode browsing.

Everyone has secrets and the as the old saying goes, a private life is a happy life.

Share everything, all at once.

There are moments when you need to share all your browser links at once. For example, you’re choosing which restaurant to eat at with your partner and have hundreds of menus up at once.

With so many different variations of Bolognese flying about, you’ve lost which restaurant had the truffle oil carbonara and chaos is staring to unfold.

Make things easier for yourself and copy all your tabs to send over.

1) Open Safari on your iPhone.

2) Select tabs so tab switcher opens.

3) Open tab groups.

4) Select edit.

5) Press menu and tap copy links.

This will copy the URLs of all your open tabs to your clipboard, allowing you to paste them and send them to your nearest and dearest.

Which will it be?

So, the question is, will you stick it out and embrace the change? Or, will you abandon it completely and go back to your old ways?

We haven’t made our mind up yet. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone to try out this wizardry, you’re in luck. We’ve got unmissable deals on the best from Apple, including the latest iPhone 13. Hey, we’ll even throw in free delivery.