Have a read and see what new exciting treats are up for grabs.

Okay, this might a bit science-y – but you probably already know that shopping and buying yourself a little treat makes you feel good.

As in, it quite literally causes a release of dopamine and endorphins in your brain. It's a tried-and-true way to cheer ourselves up when we need it.

Now here's the best part: that oh-so-awesome "glow" you get when you buy something also happens when you get a freebie. In fact, not only does your body get a good ol' dose of those feel-good juices, but it actually lasts longer when the pick-me-up is free. As in, up to a week or so.

Which explains why we love freebies so much (as well as the undeniable feeling of great value.)

If you're wondering where we're going with this, the clue's in the title – there's a way to get yourself a whole bunch of freebies, and you don't have to do a thing to get them. Just being an O2 customer is enough to get you your little rewards, thanks to O2 Priority.

What is O2 Priority?

O2 Priority is the app that will perk up your day – because it's essentially an app for perks that you automatically gain access to when you become an O2 customer.

Through the app, you can gain access to a ton of exclusive offers, deals, perks and (of course) freebies. Things like early access to gig tickets to see your favourite artists or offers from high street brands you know and love.

Every month, the perks and rewards are updated. Some you'll see sticking around on the regular (like a free sausage roll from Greggs every Friday or Saturday), and others might be a one-off (often around the festive period, so keep an eye out!) Often, you'll find free cinema tickets available, or free drinks or treats when you're out and about. No matter what sort of stuff you're into, you'll likely find O2 has something for you each day. Though remember, it can change each day, and some offers are only around for 24 hours.

The great part about the O2 Priority app is the personalisation. The more you use the app, the more it understands the sort of things you want to see. Of course, you'll have access to every offer on there, but O2 likes to bring those you'll love to the forefront, so you don't miss out.

What sort of offers and deals will I see?

There are so many, it's hard to pin it down – so we'll tell you what we're seeing right now, at the time of writing this…

  • A PureGym Day Pass every Thursday for £1.
  • A free pint every Thursday from 5pm, at your local O'Neill's, Ember Inn or Sizzling Pub.
  • A free hot drink at Greggs, any day of the week.
  • Selected Prezzo pasta or pizza dishes for just £9, all day Sunday – Thursday, and Friday until 5pm.
  • Two Vue cinema tickets for £9 – any day, any UK location.
  • Disney+ for £5.99 per month.

And that's not to mention the range of competitions and prize draws available, from beach breaks for two to winning a signed men’s England Rugby jersey. And that's just what we can see today. Tomorrow, the fun starts all over again!

Okay, how do I get O2 Priority?

From your mobile phone, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store in a few minutes – all you need is data or a Wi-Fi connection. However, if you prefer you can also access Priority through the O2 website.

You'll need to register your details the first time, so your O2 number can be confirmed. At this point, you'll also be asked to confirm location services, which is a handy way of making sure you only see offers and deals that are relevant to you and your location. With the correct notifications switched on, you might even get a text or two to point out when you're close to a great offer.

What if I'm not an O2 customer?

Then we can help you become one! Here are a few of our favourite deals on O2 right now.

Apple iPhone 15 with 350GB data for £45/month and £0 upfront, saving £49 upfront.

Google Pixel 8 with 150GB data for £33/month and £0 upfront, saving £159 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy A54 with 20GB data for £20/month and £0 upfront, saving £39 upfront.