Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s new Translate app for iPhone and iPad.

Many of you have no doubt got holidays on the brain, after almost a year of staying at home. You’re probably dreaming of hot sun, white sand, and clear blue seas. Some of you may have even gone so far as to book next year’s trip away, writing your list of holiday essentials.

We’re going to tell you why you’ll want to add Apple’s new Translate app to that list.

iPhone users with the new iOS 14 update will have noticed the new app. It’s designed to offer translations from one language to another, but it packs some incredible features that not only let you translate but also help you learn. Because every day is a school day!

Translate speaks 11 languages.

The perfect holiday destination is different for us all. Some of us crave a quiet escape with lots of sun, while others desire adventure and sight-seeing along the way.

It can translate to and from: Arabic, mainland Chinese, English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.  Which means that wherever you jet off to, you’ll have a handy little helper right in your pocket.

Your voice is the key.

The new Translate app packs an impressive voice translation feature which lets you tap the microphone in the app and speak directly to it. You simply speak a phrase out loud and it will translate it into your chosen language.

For example, if you were in Spain and wanted to know how to ask for directions to the beach, you would say 'How do I get to the beach?' and Translate would say '¿Cómo voy a la playa?'

The Translate app displaying it's Voice feature.
You can speak or text and get translations instantly!

You can speak to the app in any of the 11 languages that are supported and have your spoken phrase translated in an instant. It not only works with simple phrases but will also let you translate long sentences and speeches!

Not much of a talker?

If you’re not much of a talker and prefer the written world of language, the Translate app has you covered. You can type in text to the app and have it translated like you would with spoken phrases.

This is also super-handy if you need to paste something from a website or document for translation. If there’s a delicious looking recipe for a paella  online but it’s all in Spanish, you can paste the recipe into the app and be cooking it in no time.

Translate joins your conversations.

Conversation Mode is another excellent feature of the Translate app as it lets you talk back and forth with someone who speaks another language. It’s so simple to use too and is activated simply by turning the iPhone to landscape mode.

The Translate app displaying its conversation mode.
Translate makes it so much easier to communicate.

When you put the Translate app into Conversation Mode, your iPhone will listen out for both languages and translate between the two. You simply tap on the microphone button when each person talks.

Can I have your attention please?

Attention Mode lets your translations fill the entire display on your iPhone, making them larger and easier to read from a distance. To activate this feature, tap the expand icon (two arrows facing outwards) and your phrase will appear in big letters!

The Translate app demonstrating its Attention Mode feature.
Attention Mode makes Translate much more accessible. 

This is perfect if you’re showing someone a translation that’s stood at a social distance away from you, or if someone has impaired vision and finds it easier to read larger text.

Have you got a favourite phrase?

If you have a phrase you say a lot and want to keep that translation to hand, you can favourite it and keep it for later. This way, you won’t have to keep repeating yourself and all your most used phrases will all be in one place.

The Translate app displaying its Favourites feature.
Save yourself some time by favouriting your most used phrases. 

Your very own dictionary.

If you need to know what a word in another language means, you can just tap it and the Translate app will reveal a definition. This means you won’t have to go to the struggle of switching from the app to a browser to look up words.

Translate is the perfect travel companion.

Translate is so much more than an app that gives you quick translations. It educates, it’s accessible, it’s social and it’s free. It’s the perfect companion to take with you on your upcoming trips and the best bit is – it won’t need its own plane ticket!