Holidaying with O2 just got a whole lot easier.

We’re all double jabbed and looking forward to some well-deserved time in the sun. And while we soak our worries away and drink all inclusive drinks, worrying about our phone bill is the last think we want to be doing.

O2 customers are in for a treat. As the only network not bringing back EU roaming charges, you’ll be able to enjoy your mobile away, just like you would at home.

They will cover roaming in Europe as part of their tariffs, meaning you can use your data, minutes and texts allowances within your monthly cost.

It’s worth noting that if your monthly data allowance is over 25GB, you’ll be capped at 25GB – O2’s Roaming Limit.

If you use data outside of this allowance, you’ll be charged £3.50/GB. But O2 will be sure to text you when you’re getting close.

Destinations range from Portugal to Ireland, and you’ll be able to find the full list of places on O2’s website.

This is not the only incredible advantage of joining the O2 network.

Discounts with Disney.

Disney+ boasts all the best films. You’ve got classics like Snow White and musicals like Moana. You can watch the Marvel movies in timeline order, or enjoy every Star Wars film in one place.

Plus, with their most recent Star channel, finding a film that all the family will love is easy peasy. From the latest animated films and comedies to rom-coms and thrillers – there’s something for everyone.

So, what does this have to do with O2? You ask. When you sign up for a Disney+ subscription, only £6.99 a month, you’ll automatically get £2 knocked off your monthly bill. That’s right, you’ll literally get a discount, for watching your favourite films.

You’ll be able to download anything you want, on up to 10 devices – without having to find Wi-Fi or using up all your data.

Stream on four screens at once and create child friendly profiles – so your little ones don’t find themselves watching the latest horrors and keep you up all night.

To add Disney+ as an extra to your plan, all you need to do is head to your My O2 app. If you’re a new customer, or you’re upgrading, O2 will give you 6 months of Disney+ on them!

Perks with Priority.

Priority is an exclusive club. There’s no guest list you can sneak your way onto, you’ve got to be with O2 to enjoy it.

From free food and snacks to early access to the best gigs and concerts, you want to be part of Priority.

You’ll be able to kick back and laugh as you watch everyone scramble for those Lewis Capaldi tickets that you secured two days earlier.

Or enjoy free cinema tickets to the latest films. Or even watch the bill decrease when you’re out for lunch with your nearest and dearest.

It’s all happening in Priority and getting access is easy. Text PRIORITY to 2020 and you’ll be able to download the app and get started.

Jet off with O2.

Free roaming on your holibobs. Discounts with Disney+. Early access to the UK’s hottest gigs. What more could you want?

Looking to join O2? We’ve got a number of exclusive O2 deals just waiting for you. We’ll even throw in free delivery!