Welcome to the iPhone 13 inner circle.

We've tried to keep you in the loop with all things iPhone 13 and we did promise that if we heard anything else that you'd be the first to know.

So, here we are updating this rumour-packed article with the latest thing we've heard from the internet. It turns out the next iPhone is set to have the fastest 5G yet and we want to tell you all about it.

It’s just instinct that the minute news starts circulating that Apple have something up their sleeve, we’re all on the edge of our seats. It’s simply habit at this point and every event that they host seems to release something even better than the last.

The iPhone 12 event was absolutely one to remember – the day Apple met 5G. We were all utterly blown away by the four new additions to the Apple family: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This was huge step for Apple, but the internet seems to think we could be in for so much more when it comes to 5G.

We've brought you the full scoop on everything iPhone 13 as well as updates on what this fast 5G could look like.

What’s the name again?

We’re quick to call the new iPhone, iPhone 13, but in all honestly it could be called something entirely different. If we look at patterns that Apple follow, it could be that after their huge iPhone 12 announcement, they’ll announce an iPhone 12s instead.

We’re not sure which one has a nicer ring to it, will unlucky for some be lucky for Apple? Or will it be the iPhone 12s after all? Whichever it is, we’re hoping they treat us just as much as they did with iPhone 12 and give us more than one device – maybe iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Design and display details.

When it comes to design and display, Apple always seem to raise the bar. One key element that stands out from the last event was the all new ceramic shield material that delivered a 4x better drop performance than iPhone 11.

So, it’s safe to say, we’ve got big expectations when it comes to iPhone 13. According to TechRadar, the new design is predicted to look similar to the iPhone 12 family.

A photo of iPhone 12 in all available colours.
Will you love iPhone 13 as much as iPhone 12?

One thing everyone expected with iPhone 12 was a high refresh rate and sadly we didn’t see it.

This has got TechRadar believing that we might see the 120Hz refresh rate on the new iPhone 13. Combine this with a flawless chip and 5G compatibility and we think Apple will finally have created every gamer’s dream.

This is supported by The Elec who claim that we may just see this high refresh rate on just two of the new devices, more than likely the Pro versions.

We’ve heard a rumour though folks that stopped us in our tracks and we’re pretty sure it’ll stop you too. According to an Apple patent, a 240Hz refresh rate may be in the mix. That’s right two hundred and forty.

Of course, patents don’t really confirm anything, but as they say, you’ve got to shoot for the stars! No but seriously, a 240Hz refresh rate would be insane and we think it would pretty much change how people game forever.

When it comes to the new displays it seems Apple may be including a feature that Android have been shipping for a while. TechRadar have a reputable leaker who claims we may see the addition of an always-on-display.

A Samsung displaying the always on feature.
Could iPhone 13 see the always on display feature?

Always-on-displays can keep your screen on but in lower power mode and will show information such as time, date, and remaining battery allowance.

TechRadar have discovered another rumour that might tickle your fancy. We might finally see an under-display fingerprint scanner. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be waving goodbye to Face ID, it’s as well as Face ID – which we think would be super cool.

Performance pointers.

The name Jon Prosser may not mean too much to you, but in the world of leaks and secret telling he’s a pretty big deal. He seems to think that 2021 is the year that we’ll see 1TB phones, a storage size that we’ve not yet seen – there will be room for everything.

We’re back onto patents now people and we just couldn’t wait to share this with you. According to TechRadar, we could be seeing ‘protective charging’ mode which would stop you from overcharging the phone even if you leave it plugged in overnight.

Captivating camera tricks.

Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who seems to always be bang on the money, has suggested that iPhone 13 will have an ultra-wide camera that’s bumped from f/2.4 aperture to a f/1.8.

iPhone 12 camera.
Will we be seeing a camera upgrade?

For the non-photographers of the world, the lower f-number on your phone camera, the more exposure your photo gets.

The higher the f-number, the less exposure. This upgrade will immediately allow for better low-light performance and change the way you take photos at night.

There’s also other rumours flying around about Apple adding a periscope camera to their iPhones which would give insane zoom capabilities. If this is true, we’ll be able to get closer than ever to our photo subjects, without moving a muscle.

Prosser hasn’t only got performance in mind but is also speculating about the camera too. He’s thinking that all the new iPhone 13 models will have an LiDAR scanner, unlike the iPhone 12 series which only had the feature on the Pro models.

The fastest 5G yet?

According to TechRadar the next iPhone, we’ll call it the iPhone 13 for ease, will feature faster 5G than its predecessor. This is obviously a wild rumour that we’re sure many of you are getting excited about.

We often  talk about 5G as just one thing, but in reality not all 5G is the same. We won’t get into the super complicated techy bits but there are different 5G frequency bands.

iPhone 12 supports a lot of these 5G bands which is what gives it such broad 5G coverage with fast, reactive performance.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has quite the rep for giving insider Apple info, claims that the iPhone 13 will support millimetre wave 5G.

MmWave5G is basically a higher frequency of radio bands and any data carried on these bands can travel a lot faster than lower frequency bands.

Fingers crossed folks! We love the iPhone 12 but who doesn’t love an upgrade like this one? Scream if you want to go faster!

Release date revelation.

The whole global pandemic has thrown a few spanners in the works and we can’t confirm nor deny whether this will directly impact you getting your hands on the new iPhone. According to TechRadar, we could see it as soon as September 2021.

If you plain and simply can’t wait that long, we promise you the iPhone 12 series is incredible. You can opt for an iPhone 12 deal today and get your hands on yours as soon as tomorrow.