It’s official: 4G is dead. Samsung have left it in 2020, where it belongs, and have given us three new 5G mobiles.

Samsung have kicked off 2021 with the release of three new incredible 5G phones. The Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra are the latest additions to the family, but the fans that were paying close attention, noticed something unusual…

At the Unpacked 2020 event and the Unpacked for Every Fan event, Samsung released some top 5G mobile phones, just like this year’s event. So, what’s unusual? You ask.

Historically, Samsung have always released a 4G version of their mobiles, alongside all the fancy new 5G ones.Yet with the new Galaxy S21, they simply haven’t.

It seems Samsung wants to leave 4G in the past and welcome a new generation of faster downloads, higher-quality streaming, and razor-sharp gaming. It’s great news for those of you who want to live life at warp speed, but we wanted to explore their decision a little further.

The hype of HyperFast 5G.

We’ve been on a wild and lengthy journey to get where we are now and 5G is the very latest innovation in the G world. We started with 1G which brought us phone calls, then moved to 2G to get SMS. 3G gave us mobile data and 4G sped all of this up.

Samsung have decided that 5G is the future, and in particular, their HyperFast 5G. This is the revolutionary new data standard that completely raises the bar for speed and performance. It surpasses the speeds of 4G and waves goodbye to the buffering we hate so much.

As much as we all love a good Wi-Fi connection, it’s not always guaranteed that there will be one close-by. Whether we’re waiting for a train or out on the town with friends, we want to make sure we can stay connected.

It’s times like this when 5G is a godsend and Samsung’s HyperFast 5G reduces latency so you can enjoy improved responsiveness and less lag when you’re connected. You’ll be able to download an entire season of your favourite show in a flash.

Three of the Samsung Galaxy S21 phones showing episodes downloading.
Enjoy everything you love, at warp speed.

Combine this with the Galaxy S21 5G-compatible chipset and you’ve got an unstoppable duo. When Wi-Fi does make an appearance, HyperFast Wi-Fi, on the new S21 series, means you’ll be connected to everything you love, quickly and reliably.

The actual 5G speed on your new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, or S21 Ultra, is ultimately dependent on which network you opt for. However, in theory, 5G is around 100x faster than 4G, which means you’re guaranteed a life in the fast lane no matter which deal you go for.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S21 series' 5G mobile processor.

Which network is the best for Samsung Galaxy S21?

We know that with phones this good, you’ll want to make sure you choose a network that’ll let you take full advantage of 5G. Here’s the full scoop on what 5G means for some of the UK’s top networks.

EE: the UK’s no.1 network for 5G.

EE bagged themselves a pretty big title of being the UK’s no.1 network for 5G. They’ve rolled their speedy tech out across most towns and cities around the country, giving you 5G in more places than any other network.

A 5G medal on the EE background.
EE pride themselves on being the UK's no.1 network for 5G.

RootMetrics tested EE’s 5G against other networks and found that they were delivering the fastest 5G speeds. If you decide to get your Samsung Galaxy S21 with an EE deal, you’ll be getting great 5G coverage and the best 5G speeds.

Three: the full 100MHz 5G experience.

Three are a top UK network for many reasons, one being their 5G access. They offer their customers the full 100MHz 5G experience, delivering better streaming, faster downloads, and more-responsive gaming.

They pride themselves on having more of the 5G spectrum than any other provider, meaning they can deal with the pressure of all your needs, without sacrificing speed.

Plus, after investing in the UK’s first cloud-core network, you’ll get access to an efficient and reliable network!

O2: empowering the 5th generation.

O2 are of course another huge network, and they make the promise to their customers that they will empower the 5th Generation.

They’re targeting key transport hubs and business areas as well as sports and entertainment venues around the UK.

Their aim is to bring their 5G to the places you need it the most. They’re working with major UK businesses, including Network Rail, to help build the 5G economy.

If you opt to pick a deal with O2, you’ll be getting a network with great coverage and big plans for their expansion. Check out just how impressive O2's 5G is below...

Vodafone: London’s best 5G network.

This one is for Londoners. Vodafone have been voted London’s Best 5G Network, but that’s not all. With their 5G readily available in over 45 locations around the UK, everyone can benefit.

Those of you who love a holiday will be thrilled to hear that Vodafone are the first network to give you 5G abroad. With 70 5G locations across Europe, your trips away are taken care of (when we’re allowed, of course).

5G is the future.

Samsung’s decision to not range a 4G version of the Galaxy S21 series is a bold but impressive one. How ever will we move forward if we’re clinging to the past? Time to speed things up.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is available for pre-order now and you can enjoy it as soon as Friday 29 January.