Harry Potter isn’t the only wizard in town.

The Honor 50 has landed and with it comes a freebie that’ll bring a little magic to your life this Black Friday.

When you buy the Honor 50 with us on Vodafone, you can bag yourself a FREE Honor MagicWatch 2 worth £159.99.

So, if you fancy getting a cracking mobile, a top smartwatch to match and want to save a whole lotta wonga this Black Friday, keep reading on.

We thought you might want to learn a little bit about the best features of the MagicWatch2 and all the details on how to get it.

How magic?

So, just how magic is the Honor MagicWatch 2? You ask. Put it this way, if it was featured alongside the many props on the Harry Potter set, it wouldn’t seem out of place.

We’ll start with the exterior. The enclosure of the MagicWatch 2 is designed with stainless steel, increasing its strength and reducing the chance of ruining the face with that everyday wear and tear.

The always-on display is the feature that all watch wearers adore. Your MagicWatch 2 face will stay lit, so you can glance at the time without waiting for the screen to light up. It’s handy when you’re at work or at the gym and need the time fast.

Someone wearing the Honor MagicWatch2.
Enjoy the stunning always-on display.

There’s nothing quite like personalising your gadgets with your own photos and themes and the MagicWatch 2 is great for doing that.

You can store multiple photos in your watch so that each time you raise your wrist, a different photo will appear. This is a stunning personal touch and also offers you a little surprise while you work out or on your commute to work.

When it comes to all the features on MagicWatch 2, the list is impressive. We’ll kick things off with something for all you fitness fanatics. With 15 goal-based fitness modes, staying motivated is easy.

Voiceover guidance will have you feeling as though you’ve got your own PT – without the hefty prices you see so many charging nowadays.

If you prefer to get your fitness kicks out of a good hike, run or spend all your time on your bike, the MagicWatch 2 has something for you. Dual satellite positioning will accurately record your speed while the altitude metre will track your elevation.

The built-in running app will assist this further and features 13 different courses that will help those of you just starting out as well as those who are more experienced. There’ll be no more getting out of breath with the MagicWatch 2 around.

Swimming always seems like the better option when it comes to fitness. The truth is, it’s hard work and you’re always starving after. But, just how hard are you working?

With 50m water-resistance and the new TruSeen feature, your swimming experience gets a whole lot better.

You’ll be able to understand your swim performance better, measure your heart rate during lengths, the distance you’ve swam, calories you’ve burnt and speed too.

The one thing we all have in common is the need for music when we exercise. Whether that’s to get your rhythm right, get you through the workout itself or just because you love a sing-song.

The Honor MagicWatch2.
The Honor MagicWatch 2 will be your new fitness friend.

The MagicWatch 2 features wireless music playback, meaning you can control music from your wrist.

As we’ve said, Black Friday is almost here and then before we know it, it’ll be Christmas. While these are exciting times, they can also be stressful times. The Honor MagicWatch 2 allows you to manage this stress easily.

TruRelax offers a number of breathing exercises to help you really wind down. It pairs beautifully with TruSleep, which lets you understand how you sleep as well as offering advice on how to get a better night’s sleep – more helpful than counting sheep.

Making a call is easy with the MagicWatch 2 courtesy of the built-in speaker and microphone. Stay connected with your loved ones easier than ever.

Tell me how.

By now, you’re no doubt eager to get your hands on your free Magic Watch 2 and who could blame you?

First thing’s first, you need to check out our best Honor 50 deals and choose the perfect one for you. You’ll then have to wait a gruelling 14 calendar days then head here: https://honor-redemptions.co.uk/Honor50/.

When you’re at this page, you’ll be prompted to enter your new device IMEI number, purchase date, order number and confirmation of Buymobiles as your chosen retailer.

Your free MagicWatch 2 will then be posted out to you within 30 days for you to enjoy! We must urge you to get your deal today as the chance to get your free Magic Watch 2 ends at 23:59 on 23rd November.