Oh, and it’s easy.

Summer is thriving and we imagine there has been plenty of photo taking, venue bookings and restaurant reservations. We don’t for a minute think that you’ve been enjoying all of this alone.

So, with all this enjoyment and photo taking you’ll want an easy way to share bits and bobs with those around you.

If you’re in the Android community, you’re in luck. There’s a quick method called Nearby Share that lets you share content from your mobile to another Android phone – providing it’s close by of course.

Online and offline.

Whether you’ve got an internet connection or not you can take advantage of this feature. It can be a pain to have to go onto your messages, find the contact, attach the image, press send – it’s truly just unnecessary hard work.

Whether you’re sharing files, links or pictures, Nearby Share will allow you to choose a recipient from a list of devices that are, well, nearby. Here’s how to get started:

1)     Open the file you want to share.

2)     Tap the share icon.

3)     Tap Nearby Share.

4)     Choose the device you want to share to from the list of devices that appear.

Nearby Share will then automatically choose the best method for transferring, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So, even when you’re in the least signal friendly places, you can fire across your snaps from that day with ease.

Share safely.

Your privacy is vital when it comes to sharing files and Android want you to feel some peace of mind that all your stuff is safe and secure.

Nearby Share allows you to send and receive files anonymously so people can’t discover everything about you.

You can also adjust your settings so that you’re undiscoverable and won’t receive any unwanted snaps you didn’t ask for – which might be more handy than you think!

Share with Chromebooks.

Android have thought of everything and have made it so Chromebooks can now work with Nearby Share. This means you can directly transfer files from your Android mobile to your laptop and vice versa.

Get your share on.

If you’re the sort of person who snaps 400 photos on a night out, this feature is perfect. It takes away the stress that comes with sending them to other people.

If there’s a group of you who’ve made dinner plans and you want to send a menu to all 12 of them, Nearby Share has you covered.

It’s Android’s answer to AirDrop and is set to make your life so much easier when the world returns to normal. Of course, it only works on Android mobiles so you might need to get your search on.

Luckily for you, we’re here to lend a helping hand and have some unmissable prices on the best that Android has to offer. We’re ready for the fun to begin, are you?