The top 10 mobile phones our customers love this month.

December is finally here and although it probably feels a little different this year, one thing you can count on is the fact that we've got some excellent festive deals on their way to you.

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving great gifts and what better gift that an incredible mobile phone. With so many incredible phones being released, you might be a little unsure on which to opt for this Christmas, so we thought we'd lend a helping hand.

Over Christmas our phones are vital. They bring us recipes for the perfect turkey and Christmas songs to sing a long to. They give us a camera to capture happy moments and help us to stay connected to those we love the most.

This means it's absolutely crucial to get the perfect phone for you. Perhaps you're searching for your own dream mobile and know exactly what you're looking for. Maybe, you're buying one as a gift for your child and need something cool and up to date.

The thing is in between getting the tree up, doing the Christmas food shop and shopping for all your other presents, finding the time to sieve through endless mobile reviews on the internet is just impossible.

We've brought you a list of our top 10 selling phones hot for December. We've covered all ground, looking at display, camera, design, performance and price, to make sure we've assessed all the key features on your list.

This month we've got another shift around in order with some new additions. Some phones have even climbed their way up the list. But kick back, get the Christmas songs on and have a read of our top 10 mobile phones for December.

10) Samsung Galaxy A71

9) Samsung Galaxy S10

8) iPhone XR

7) iPhone 8

6) iPhone SE

5) iPhone 12 Pro

4) iPhone 12 Pro Max

3) Samsung Galaxy S20

2) iPhone 12

1) iPhone 11

10) Samsung Galaxy A71

The best features Android offers for a top price.

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy A71.
The Samsung Galaxy A71.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 6.7-inch Resolution: 1080 x 2400 pixels Dimensions: 163.6 x 76.0 x 7.7 mm Front camera: 32MP  Back camera: 64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP  Weight: 179g  Operating system: Android  RAM: 6GB  Storage: 128GB  Battery: 4500mAh

What we love:

- The amazing 32MP front camera.

- A whopping 6.7-inch screen.

Things to be aware of:

- No wireless charging options.

- Not water resistance.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 boasts the very best of Android's features, from an incredible quad camera system and a huge display to view your pictures on, to a super-powerful battery - perfect for lasting all day long.

This is a customer favourite because Samsung have packed these amazing features into a smartphone that is budget friendly. With prices starting from £419, we can't believe the value for money with this device.

We've looked at the best bits of the Galaxy A71 and evaluated the reasons why it's made its debut in the top ten mobile phones for this month.


For those of you who love a selfie, this is for you. The Galaxy A71 sports an incredible 32MP selfie camera giving high quality pics that are social-media ready in a flash. A 32MP camera for a price as low as this, is an absolute steal.

The surprises keep on coming with the Galaxy A71 as just around the corner we’re met with the amazing Quad camera system. The main sensor is a 64MP lens, perfect for producing well-lit detailed shots – ideal for those of you who are a perfectionist when it comes to photography.

Make the most of the 12MP ultra-wide camera lens and finally get a family photo with every member in! With a 123 degrees field of view, there’s no wonder that our customers are loving the Galaxy A71.

It’s time to get up close and personal with the 5MP macro and depth cameras, the lenses that give super-detailed close up shots with amazing details and clarity. You can even blur out the background so your photo subject is the star of the show.

A photo of some pink macaroons taken by the Samsung Galaxy A71.
An amazing photo taken with the 5MP depth camera on the Galaxy A71.

Design and display:

The Galaxy A71 is every entertainment lovers dream. Boasting a huge Super AMOLED, 6.7-inch display, users are instantly transported right into the centre of the action, and with the barely there bezels, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, always.

A photo of someone holding the Samsung Galaxy A71.
The beautiful 6.7-inch display - perfect for endless streaming. 

The phone uses Samsung’s Infinity-O screen technology meaning you get a punch-hole camera design at the top of the display – giving you a more immersive screen that suits your streaming needs.

Security is hugely important for some of our customers which is why they love the high-tech biometric technology that uses ultrasonic pulses to read your fingerprint's details. You're literally your own password, it can't get any more secure than that!


Packing a huge 4500mAh battery, the Galaxy A71 means you never have to worry about losing charge. From one charge, you can enjoy up to 16 hours of browsing the web, 24 hours of video playback or 107 hours of audio listening!

This is perfect for those of you who love to game. You get the stunning display with the battery to match, meaning you're one step closer to defeating your opponents! But if you do run low, you can use the Super-Fast charge cable and boost back up.

A photo of someone holding the Samsung Galaxy A71 and playing a game.
A display and a battery ideal for the gamers of the world. 

Final thoughts:

We can't get enough of this phone and neither can our customers. Rolling in at number 5, the Galaxy A71 is the perfect example of a great value smartphone. Enjoy all the things you love for a lower price!

Our best Samsung Galaxy A71 deals right now:

Samsung Galaxy A71 on EE with 50GB data just £27 a month after cashback.

Samsung Galaxy A71 on Three with 100GB data just £26.17 a month after cashback.

Samsung Galaxy A71 on O2 with 30GB data just £23 a month.

9) Samsung Galaxy S10.

A stunning all-screen Samsung perfect for streaming and gaming.

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S10.
The Samsung Galaxy S10.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: 1140 x 3040 pixels  Dimensions: 149.9x70.4 x7.8mm Front camera: 10MP  Back camera: 12MP+12MP+16MP Weight: 157g  Operating system: Android  RAM: 8GB  Storage: 128GB/512GB  Battery: 3400mAh

What we love:

- In-screen fingerprint sensor

- Triple-lens camera

Things to be aware of:

- Better value when taken out on contract rather than SIM-free

Number 9 on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S10, the smartphone to challenge all smartphones. From its whopping 6.1-inch screen to its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, this device is really something.

Despite being released in 2019, this handset truly transports its users into the future world of smartphones.

Its slim bezels and Super AMOLED display give you the upmost cinematic viewing experience. Samsung did not hold back with this one.

So, what specific features have given this device its untouchable reputation?


The Galaxy S10 is equipped with some of the finest innovations in mobile photography. With a triple-lens camera, the Galaxy S10 has endless photo opportunities available.

With the primary 40MP camera and advanced shooting options, you can impress everyone with your perfect crisp shots.

A photo of a street with buildings, taken on the Samsung Galaxy S10.
Get professional looking photographs, like the one above, with the impressive Samsung Galaxy 10 camera. 

If you’re the type of person who is indecisive when it comes to choosing your favourite photo, then the Single Take feature is right up your street.

The best way to describe it is a level-up on burst mode. Hold the shutter for three seconds and the camera takes multiple shots in various formats, then you choose which is the best.

If you’re a partygoer and most of your photos are taken at night, the Night Mode setting will brighten up low light shots, so you don’t miss a single detail.

Not enough for you? Use the Night Hyperlapse setting instead and capture long exposure-style videos!

Display and design:

One of the stand-out features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its remarkable display. While remaining compact and easy to carry around, this device gives a whopping 6.1-inch Quad HD+ screen for you to stream Netflix or YouTube on.

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S10 laid flat on a surface.
The whopping 6.1-inch Quad HD+ screen of the Galaxy S10 - bringing the cinema to you. 

What really sets the display of this phone apart from the rest though?

Samsung introduced the Dynamic AMOLED screen and thanks to Dynamic Tone Mapping, each scene of Friends you watch is shown with real colour and contrast.

If you’re a true Netflix binger, Samsung have taken care of your eyes with this phone. Harmful blue light is reduced when using the phone at night, protecting your eyes and reducing any strain.

Final thoughts:

This phone really is tough competition for any smartphone out there. From its impressive triple-lens, photographer-standard camera to its quad HD+ display, Samsung have really pushed the boat out with this device.

It’s perfect for those of you who don’t mind spending a little more for quality – the proof really is in the pudding!

Our best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals right now:

Samsung Galaxy S10 on O2 with 100GB data just £31 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S10 on Three with 100GB data just £31 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S10 on Vodafone with unlimited data just £42 a month.

8) iPhone XR.

Step into the future with the advanced Face ID technology.

A photo of the iPhone XR.
The iPhone XR.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: 828 x 1792 pixels  Dimensions: 150.9x75.7x8.3mm Front camera: 7MP  Back camera: 12MP Weight: 194g  Operating system: iOS12  RAM: 3GB  Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB  Battery: 2942mAh

What we love:

- Great battery life

- Impressive storage options

Things to be aware of:

- Lower screen resolution

- May be too large in size for some people

Reaching number 8 on our list of the top ten mobiles is the iPhone XR. There are many reasons why our customers love this handset, from its outstanding battery life to its modern and sleek design advances.

The primary benefit of this phone is the value that you get for the price you pay – which is what gives it its place in our top five. This phone has a lot of the features that the newer Apple devices have with the plus being that the price tag is more affordable.

If you’re looking for a taste of Apple, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, this phone is the perfect option. Timeless, elegant and fast, this high-performance smartphone should definitely be on your radar.

Design and display:

With super-slim bezels, Apple has ensured that you get the most out of the 6.1-inch screen. The innovative design with a back light to stretch the screen from corner to corner, allows you to be transported into whatever you are watching.

If you’re you time is on your commute to work, on the train or the bus, the true tone technology in the screen will adapt to your surroundings. So, on those cold winter-nights, when it decides to get dark at 3pm, your iPhone XR will adjust your brightness, so your viewing experience is never disturbed.

If you want an expensive looking phone, without paying an expensive price, the iPhone XR excels. The aluminium and glass finish makes the phone look premium while the rounded edges make holding your phone comfortable and simple.

Don’t let the idea of a glass screen put you off as it’s tried and tested to be durable – taking away the stress of any accidents.

Good news for those of you who love a bit of colour in your life as this phone is available in; black, white, blue, coral red and yellow! People won’t be able to keep their eyes off it.

Someone holding a red iPhone XR in her hand.
The stunning iPhone XR in red. 


Now what would the use of a flawless display be, without the battery life to accompany it?

This is no concern for the iPhone XR with its super-efficient processor, you are free to enjoy up to fifteen hours of browsing, sixteen hours of video playback or up to 65 hours of audio playback.

This paired with the iPhone XR’s screen makes for the most impressive viewing experience. You could watch a whole season of your favourite show, without worrying about missing out on the conversations in the group chat later!

If you are out though and need a fast boost of charge, fast-charge adaptor and wireless charging matts are available for this phone.

Final thoughts:

The iPhone XR is one of the most impressive handsets out there for the price it is. It offers a stunning design with a quality camera and a whopping 65-hour battery life.

This device gives you expensive features for a lower cost – a key reason for the iPhone XR making its way to number four on our list.

Our best iPhone XR deals right now:

iPhone XR on O2 with 100GB data just £29 a month.

iPhone XR on Three with unlimited data just £32 a month.

iPhone XR on EE with 50GB data just £32 a month.

7) iPhone 8 – refurbished.

The same amazing iPhone for a better price.

A photo of the iPhone 8.
The iPhone 8 - refurbished. 

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 4.7-inch Resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels Dimensions: 138.4x67.3x7.3mm Front camera: 7MP  Back camera: 12MP Weight: 148g  Operating system: iOS11  RAM: 2GB  Storage: 64GB/256GB  Battery: 1821mAh

What we love:

- Wireless charging

- Large storage capacity

Things to be aware of:

- Battery life is not as good as the newer models

- May have restricted software updates

Number 7 on our list is the iPhone 8. This phone is what some would describe as an ‘Oldie but a Goldie’. At three-years-old, some people may turn their noses up at the iPhone 8, favouring the new models.

Well buckle up, because we are about to tell you all the reasons why the iPhone 8 has made it to our top ten list of the best mobile phones for September.

Now, despite the iPhone 8 being discontinued and replaced by the iPhone SE, Buymobiles offer some amazing deals on the refurbished iPhone 8.

If you have doubts when you see the word ‘refurbished’ fear not. All our refurbished phones are second-hand devices, that were bought and returned immediately or used for a short time then sold.

They undergo a full inspection and are tried and tested to make sure they work just like new. All our refurbished phones come with a 12-month supplier warranty, a charger cable and a 14-day return guarantee.

Essentially, you’re getting the same perks as you would with a brand-new iPhone, but for a much lower price. We haven’t forgotten about the brilliance of this phone, even if Apple has!

Design and display:

Apple are known for producing devices that belong in galleries. The details that go into every one of their products are impeccable, and the iPhone 8 supports this.

Sporting a 4.7-inch retina HD display, this phone is perfect for all your entertainment needs.

Rather than the old aluminium design, that has been previously seen on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 8 has been designed with a glass rear – giving it a modern and sleek looking finish.

iPhone 8 laid flat on a table.
The iPhone 8 showing off its sleek aluminium design. 

The cool thing about this is that the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging. This means charging has never been easier. Charge freely on the go – at your own convenience!

To look at, the iPhone 8 may not look all that different to those that came before it, but Apple have modified the display making stunning improvements.

They added True Tone display technology to the iPhone 8, meaning that the screen monitors the lighting around you, and calibrates the screen to best suit it. What does this mean for you?

It means you can do your routine social scroll in bed in a morning, without the glaring bright screen hurting your eyes! Perfect for you night owls too.


With the current phones on the market, we can see some of the most complex cameras around. With about a million buttons and endless settings, many of us crave a camera that is simple but effective and the iPhone 8 camera is exactly that.

Someone holding the iPhone 8 in one hand and taking a photo of the room.
An example of the 12MP iPhone 8 camera capturing every detail. 

The 12MP camera offers stunning point-and-shoot-snaps, perfect for those of you who love taking lots of memory snaps outdoors.

The iPhone 8 now offers slow motion recording at 1080p, full HD, for those cool back flip into the ocean videos on holiday or the slow-motion video when the dog runs towards you.

I’m sure everyone is sick of getting the perfect selfie and uploading it to Instagram, only to find half of your head has been cut off.

Well the iPhone 8 takes care of this problem and gives you the option to swipe right on the camera app, giving you access to the Instagram-friendly square mode.

Final thoughts:

This phone offers amazing features, many of which are found in the newer, more expensive models.

With the refurbished iPhone 8, on Buymobiles, you are getting a top-quality handset for a great price. Don’t be put off by its age, its still got lots of life left in it!

Our best iPhone 8 deals right now:

iPhone 8 on Vodafone with unlimited data just £31 a month.

iPhone 8 on O2 with 30GB data just £20.50 a month after cashback.

iPhone 8 on EE with 50GB data just £25.25 a month after cashback.

6) iPhone SE.

A pocket-rocket budget smartphone with powerful performance.

A photo of the iPhone SE.
The iPhone SE.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 4.7-inch Resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels  Dimensions: 138.4x 67.3x7.3mm Front camera: 7MP  Back camera: 12MP  Weight: 148g  Operating system: iOS13  RAM: 3GB  Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB  Battery: 1821mAh

What we love:

- Low price for Apple device

- Lightweight design

- Great for gaming

- Amazing storage options

We're creeping up the list now, at number 6 is the impressive iPhone SE. This phone is known as a pocket rocket iPhone and for good reason! It gives you a taste of what Apple has to offer, without the hefty price tag.

With a stunning performance, a cracking camera and a sleek design – this phone is perfect for everything you need. For the price you pay, this phone is one of the best iPhones you could get. With the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone SE is unbelievably fast and efficient.

Intelligent power management takes full advantage of the available power – meaning you could get forty hours of music playback from one single charge! There has been some competition in this list for the top spot, so here’s why this phone almost made it as the winner.


Apple are known for being profound with their camera tricks and skills, but the iPhone SE has the best single-lens camera to ever be seen on an iPhone. Using the A13 Bionic chip, this phone delivers flawless photos and videos.

The lower price doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative, with portrait mode, you can add an arty touch by blurring out the background – putting all eyes on the subject.

A photo of a green bike taken by the iPhone SE.
A high detailed photograph taken by the impressive iPhone SE camera.

How focused you want your subject is all controlled by you as the Depth Control comes equipped with a slider, so you can control the amount of background blur. As if this alone didn’t give professional vibes, Portrait Lighting gives you the choice of six lighting effects giving your photos the studio-look finish.

The various lighting effects give different lighting intensity, so you never have to worry about good lighting again. You should expect calls to go photograph weddings!

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “I wish I got that on video”?

Well, with this iPhone and its QuickTake, you can instantly switch to video recording by holding the shutter – so you never miss those golden video opportunities.

Your video won’t disappoint either, with 4K video you get 4x more detail than standard 1080p HD video, giving you an Oscar-worthy end-product!

Design and display:

Despite this device being sleek and compact in design, Apple have still somehow managed to pack everything you need and more into it.

The 4.7-inch screen delivers a truly stunning resolution with HD at 326 pixels per inch. For you, this means that your favourite shows, and films are shown in immense detail.

Apple want to cater for you. They want you to be able to kick back and relax with your phone, no matter what environment you’re in. Be it laid in bed, on the train or out and about, with True Tone technology, the screen on the iPhone SE adjusts to the world around you.

The smartphones on the market now seem to be in competition with one another, who can be the biggest or the heaviest. But the iPhone SE is proof that bigger isn’t always better. The first thing you will notice when you pick up this phone is how lightweight it is.

For all the amazing things that come with this phone, you would expect it to weigh a ton. However, this desirable design is far more practical and elegant looking – and even better, there are three stunning colours to choose from: red, black and white.

Final thoughts:

The iPhone SE thoroughly deserves its spot at number two. This phone has everything you could need packed into one sleek compact device.

From the best single-lens camera produced by apple and its insane battery life, to its futuristic True Tone technology, you are really getting the full package. And despite having the same processor as the new iPhone 11 Pro, you are paying a ridiculously low price!

Someone holding a red iPhone SE in their hand.
Add a splash of colour to your life with the stunning red iPhone SE.

Our best iPhone SE deals right now:

iPhone SE on O2 with 30GB data just £23 a month.

iPhone SE on Three with 100GB data just £25.17 a month after cashback.

iPhone SE on EE with 25GB data just £28.17 a month after cashback.

5) iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple's fastest chip and incredible 5G technology.

A photo of the iPhone 12 Pro.
The iPhone 12 Pro.

Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: 2532 x 1170 pixels Dimensions: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm Front camera: 12MP  Back camera: 12MP+12MP+12MP Weight: 187g  Operating system: iOS RAM: 6GB Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

What we love:

- Great RAM perfect for gaming

- Advanced 5G technology for faster downloads and streaming

Things to be aware of:

- It's a bigger phone - for those of you who prefer something more compact

- Has the same size display as the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro is new to the top ten list, having only been available since 23rd October. The fact that the new iPhone has already made its way onto the list, speaks volumes in itself.

Packing Apple’s incredible 5G technology and their fastest ever chip, the iPhone 12 Pro is not one to miss.

For those of you who love a huge screen, this one is certainly for you. With a display that’s unmatched and flawless performance – this phone is the perfect device for entertainment lovers.

So, let's delve a little deeper into what makes this phone so great shall we?


We've all been eagerly awaiting the day that Apple meets 5G and it has happened people! The iPhone 12 Pro delivers fantastic speeds with the fastest ever 5G network.

With more 5G bands than any other smartphone, users can enjoy the iPhone 12 Pro with the broadest 5G coverage worldwide - there's no wonder that this phone entered the top 10 so soon!

Say hello to super-fast downloads and incredibly high-quality streaming of your favourite films and TV shows! The best bit is, you can enjoy them without the annoying buffering and lag that you hate so much!

It's great news for gamers too! The iPhone 12 Pro's 5G gives more responsive gaming - making you ready to beat your opponent in a flash. With the Smart Data mode, your 12 Pro will assess 5G needs to make sure you're getting the most out of your battery life.


The camera of the iPhone 12 Pro is reason enough to earn it its place in the top 10. With a top 12MP triple camera system and lenses that suit every photo opportunity - the 12 Pro is ideal for photography lovers!

You can enjoy the ultra-wide lens and capture stunning scenic shots or make the most of the wide lens - capturing beautiful memories wherever you are! With impressive Night mode across all cameras, you can get great shots day or night!

A photo of a man sat stairs with the skateboard.
Capture great photos day or night with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Users can also get great Night mode portraits with the LiDAR feature on the 12 Pro. It's the perfect phone for those nights out on the town or in a dimly-lit restaurant - guaranteeing you insta-worthy shots always!

Smart HDR 3 automatically refines highlights, shadows, and contours which really brings to life the details of each shot and with the wide lens letting in 27 percent more light, you'll get professional looking photos in no time.

A photo up close of the iPhone 12 Pro.
The 12 Pro packs an incredible camera system.

For the videographers of the world, the iPhone 12 Pro is perfect. Jumping from 8- to 10-bit HDR recording and capturing 700 million colours, you get really lifelike videos.

The 12 Pro is also the first smartphone to record in Dolby Vision - the format used by film studios - meaning your videos will look just like a movie!


The iPhone 12 Pro has a stunning display, packing a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, giving users the ultimate cinematic experience. Watch the latest film and be transported right into the centre of the action.

The iPhone 12 Pro laid horizontally.
An unmatched display - perfect for your entertainment needs.

The systemwide colour management, for industry leading colour accuracy, makes everything you stream, immediately come to life! With almost 3.5 million pixels, you can enjoy videos with incredibly high resolution.

The iPhone 12 Pro is the go-to phone if you are someone who loves a Netflix binge and wants the display to enjoy their favourite shows, in super-high quality.

Final thoughts

Despite only being released a few weeks ago, the iPhone 12 Pro has quickly made its way into the top 10 - which we feel speaks volumes in itself. With speedy 5G technology and a flawless display, we think it's the perfect phone for all your entertainment needs.

Our best iPhone 12 Pro deals right now:

iPhone 12 Pro on Vodafone with unlimited data for just £69 a month.

iPhone 12 Pro on Three with unlimited data for just £60 a month.

iPhone 12 Pro on EE with unlimited data for just £66 a month.

4) iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The beast of the new iPhone 12 series.

A photo of iPhone 12 Pro Max.
iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Top specs at a glance.

Screen size: 6.7-inch Resolution: 2778 x 1284 pixels Dimensions: 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.4 mm Front camera: 12MP  Back camera: 12MP+12MP+12MP Weight: 226g  Operating system: iOS RAM: 6GB Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

What we love:

- It boasts a huge display perfect for streaming.

- It has the most advanced camera system seen on iPhone.

Things to be aware of:

- It's a larger phone for those who prefer something more compact.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is certainly one for the pros. It's the biggest of the new iPhone 12 series and some of our customers clearly think that bigger means better! Despite only being released recently, this phone has made its way to an impressive number 4 on our list.

Boasting Apple's fastest ever chip and super-speedy 5G technology, this phone belongs at the top. But what else do we love about it?


iPhone 12 Pro Max boasts a huge 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display, giving users the ultimate cinematic experience. With almost 3.5 million pixels, the 12 Pro Max delivers insanely high resolution and brings everything you watch to life.

Plus, with systemwide colour management, users are transported right into the centre of the action. The only question is, which film would you most like to be in?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max.
iPhone 12 Pro Max boasts the biggest screen out of all the new iPhone 12's.

You can make the most of the OLED display and experience new levels of brightness. HDR video content is literally brought to life so whether you're streaming or gaming, the iPhone 12 Pro Max raises the bar.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is certainly something to shout about. The 12MP system lets you switch things up from wide to ultra-wide letting you see more of the things that you love.

You can enjoy 5x optical zoom curtesy of the telephoto lens, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with your photo subjects. The wide lens delivers 27% more light, giving you greater detail and sharper focus in your photos.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera.
iPhone 12 Pro Max camera delivers incredible photos.

It's also the perfect phone this Christmas if you love to use your phone to record. Jumping from 8-to 10-bit HDR recording and capturing a whopping 700 million colours, the 12 Pro Max gives more life-like video.

Have you ever wanted to record Hollywood-like videos? With iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can record in Dolby Vision and get Oscar-worthy movies in no time! So, whether you're a photography lover or a videographer, this phone is perfect for you.

Final thoughts.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has been making headlines. It boasts the very best of Apple's technology and is certainly worth every penny you pay. If you're a firm believer in bigger is better then this phone is the one for you.

Our best iPhone 12 Pro Max deals right now.

iPhone 12 Pro Max on Three with 100GB data just £63 a month.

iPhone 12 Pro Max on O2 with unlimited data just £70 a month.

iPhone 12 Pro Max on EE with unlimited data just £74 a month.

3) Samsung Galaxy S20

A whopping display with one of the best cameras in the business.

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S20.
The Samsung Galaxy S20.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 6.2-inch Resolution: 1440 x 3200 pixels  Dimensions: 149.9x70.4 x7.8mm Front camera: 10MP  Back camera: 64MP+12MP+12MP  Weight: 163g  Operating system: Android  RAM: 8GB  Storage: 128GB  Battery: 4000mAh

What we love:

- Triple-lens camera

- Stunning display

- High storage options

At number 3 in our list is Samsung’s very impressive Galaxy S20. Our customers favour this device for many reasons. One key feature they love is the remarkable triple lens camera, its large storage capacity and its stunning display to view all your professional-looking snaps on.

One of the major up-sides to this phone, is that Samsung are giving you expensive features for a cheap price. If you’re looking to try all of Samsung’s new technology, but don’t want to fork out ridiculous prices, this phone is perfect for you.


The camera on the Galaxy S20 is the major selling point for us. Samsung have made amazing advances on all three of the cameras – meaning you can capture crisp, beautiful photos all with this one handset.

The 64MP telephoto lens is perfect for zooming in and enhancing every tiny detail truly bringing your photos to life. The camera also allows for a 30x digital zoom. Back row at a concert? No problem, you can take videos and photographs that put you right on the front row.

A photo of a woman taken on the Samsung Galaxy S20.
A professional looking photo, taken on the impressive Galaxy S20 camera. 

And don’t worry about the darkness, a larger sensor on the camera gives you amazing clear shots, even in the dark. The dual 12MP cameras offer an ultra-wide angle, meaning you never have to miss a thing.

If you love taking scenic photos, at the beach or the countryside, then these lenses will make sure you capture every angle.

And if you love a selfie fear not, Samsung have got you covered. With a 10MP front camera, including Al and fast capture, every snap you take will be social media ready.

Display and design:

Now, what would be the use in taking these incredible photographs, if you don’t have a beautiful screen to look at them on?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 takes care of this, offering a 6.2-inch Infinity-O screen. With slim bezels, the screen stretches from edge to edge meaning you can take full advantage of the screen size.

If watching films or browsing YouTube is more your thing, you and your friends can all gather around this cinema-like screen that you’ll hold, right in the palm of your hand.

A photo of someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S20 in cloud pink.
The stunning Samsung Galaxy S20 in a colourful cloud pink.

We can’t forget to mention how Samsung have raised the bar for all you avid gamers out there. A faster refresh rate of 120Hz makes scrolling through the Galaxy S20 smooth and with seamless screen transitions and precise touch response, your gaming experience will be revolutionised.

If you’re sat there thinking, well how will I be able to put my phone down? You don’t need to worry about that. The eye care display prevents eye strain by reducing blue light – meaning you can use your phone all day long, no square eyes for you!

With all these fun features, it’s time to mention some of the more serious things. Samsung have improved their security features.

Built into the impressive display is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This is a highly sensitive type of fingerprint reader, which detects the 3D ridges and valleys of your finger.

This means that all your information is super-protected and secure – meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone being nosey!

Final thoughts:

This amazing handset made its way into our top three for good reasons. With an outstanding camera and one of the best displays that the smartphone world has seen, this phone boasts excellent value for money.

It has everything you could ever want or need in a mobile phone, don’t believe us yet? Try it for yourself.

Our best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals right now:

Samsung Galaxy S20 on EE with 75GB data just £41 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S20 on Three with 100GB data just £41 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S20 on O2 with 250GB data just £41 a month.

2) iPhone 12

Apple's latest release with a superb display and 5G technology.

A photo of the iPhone 12.
The iPhone 12.

Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: 2532 x 1170 pixels Dimensions: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm Front camera: 12MP  Back camera: 12MP+12MP Weight: 162g Operating system: iOS  RAM: 4GB Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB

What we love

- Super-fast 5G giving faster downloads and streaming

- Apple's fastest ever chip giving increased performance

Things to be aware of

- Smaller screen than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

- Less RAM than the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 is the phone that everyone was waiting for. There were endless rumours and questions surrounding its release - would it have 5G? Would its camera perform like the iPhone 11's?

Finally it was announced and we can confirm that it was well worth the wait, shown by its entry at number 2 in the list of the top 10 mobiles hot this month - the proof really is in the pudding people!

With super-fast 5G and Apple's fastest ever A14 Bionic chip, the iPhone 12 is not one to be missed. So, what is it about Apple's latest device that bumps it right up into the list for this month? Let's find out!


The new iPhone 12 says hello to 5G, but not just any old 5G, the fastest ever 5G network! It delivers a super advanced 5G experience on a global scale, with more 5G bands than any other smartphone!

Users can enjoy crazy-fast downloads of their favourite shows and movies, and better yet - they can watch them in super-high-quality! It's also great for the gamers as the 5G on the iPhone 12 brings more responsive gaming - making you game ready always!

Someone playing a game on the iPhone 12.
Enjoy more responsive gaming on the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 offers a safe and secure connection with impressive speeds, and with Smart Data mode, your iPhone 12 will assess your 5G needs to make sure you're getting the most out of your battery life.


The iPhone 12 display delivers a completely unique experience for its users. It combines multiple features together to give a viewing experience like no other. With a huge 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display - you won't miss a single bit of action!

The iPhone 12 in all five available.
Take full advantage of the 6.1-inch display.

The slimmer bezels make it the perfect one to enjoy your favourite films and shows on and the systemwide colour management, means users get industry-leading colour accuracy! This means everything that you watch will be crystal clear!

Packing almost twice the peak brightness of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 has a flawless display. OLED brings you brighter brights, darker blacks and a higher resolution - meaning everything you look at will be a treat for the eyes!


The iPhone 12 brings an all new dual-camera system with an incredible 12MP ultrawide and 12MP wide lens and with f/1.6 aperture, it's the fastest yet on iPhone!

This gives a huge 27 percent increase of light for photos taken day or night! Night mode is also the perfect feature for this and when its paired with deep fusion across all cameras - the results are unstoppable!

A photo of a man jumping taken on the iPhone 12.
Get photos with incredibly vivid details.

Night mode sense when the light isn't in your favour and kicks in - meaning you can maintain clarity wherever you are! Deep fusion in mid to low light, analyses multiple exposures and maximises detail - meaning you'll never miss a thing!

The iPhone 12 is also perfect for those of you who love to record videos! You can record 4K HDR video with Dolby Vision and make movies that have the same quality as the big blockbusters in Hollywood!

Final Thoughts

The much anticipated iPhone 12 has not disappointed and we aren't at all surprise to see that it has made its way up to an impressive number 6 in our top 10 list. With its super-fast 5G and a camera that won't quit - we're more than impressed!

Our best iPhone 12 deals right now:

iPhone 12 on Three with unlimited data just £47 a month.

iPhone 12 on O2 with 250GB data just £48 a month.

iPhone 12 on O2 with 160GB data just £47 a month.

1) iPhone 11

A best-seller with a cracking camera to capture every moment.

A photo of the iPhone 11.
The iPhone 11.

Top specs at a glance:

Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: 828 x 1792 pixels  Dimensions: 150.9x75.7x8.3mm  Front camera: 12MP  Back camera: Dual 12MP  Weight: 194g  Operating system: iOS13  RAM: 4GB  Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB  Battery: 3110mAh

What we love:

- Outstanding battery life

- Great camera

- Stunning range of colours

- Impressive storage options

The competition has been fierce, but the results are in. The device that our customers loved the most is all impressive iPhone 11. This phone really has some qualities that make it the only fitting top scorer.

With a revamped dual-camera, a battery-life that will knock your socks off and a revolutionary A13 bionic chip that takes your gaming dreams to an entirely new level, this phone really is the ultimate mobile of September.

Now the countdown is over, let’s explore what it is that makes the iPhone 11 so special.


The perfect place to start with the iPhone 11, is its remarkable camera. The revamped dual-camera system gives you the option to take your photos from wide to ultra-wide.

What does this mean for you? It means you get to capture moments from an entirely new perspective. With the redesigned interface and ultra-wide camera, you can truly broaden your horizon and see more of the world.

For those moments where a picture simply doesn’t cut it, the iPhone 11 shoots incredible video footage with 4K capture at 60fps on ALL camera lenses. This means you can produce videos worthy of awards, with crystal clear audio, all on your mobile.

A photo of someone holding the iPhone 11 and pointing it at the camera.
The stunning dual camera up close and personal.

Apple have given you selfie lovers a feature too – with the TrueDepth front camera, you can capture slo-mo action at 120fps. This means your selfies will be art gallery worthy.

If you’re a night owl, the night mode setting makes shooting in the dark a piece of cake, and as it automatically turns on in low light, you will never miss a photo opportunity!

One unique thing about this phone, is that the feature doesn’t require flash which means the photos are swarmed with natural colours – no more ghostly looking flash faces.

Display and design:

The size of the iPhone 11 screen is impressive in itself. With a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD screen, everything you watch will look flawless, with true-to-life colours and detail.

And like other iPhone models, the iPhone 11 is equipped with True Tone Technology, meaning the screen automatically adjusts to the colour temperature of the light around you.

So, if other iPhone’s have this feature, why has this one made it to number one? This iPhone has unbelievable screen technology, including the Haptic Touch which makes for a super responsive display.

You can do all of your favourite things, super-fast with quick and long taps to open menus and shortcuts. The screen design includes a notch at the top for the selfie camera, which is used to recognise your face.

Someone holding the black iPhone 11 in their hand, with the screen facing their palm.
The iPhone 11 in sleek-looking black. 

This means your face is the only one that can unlock your phone – making it extra secure and super easy for you to get onto the phone! Face ID has been voted one of the most secure facial recognition systems on any smartphone meaning you don’t need to worry about anyone getting into your phone!

Supporting the toughest glass in a smartphone and being water resistant up to two metres, for thirty minutes, any accidental drops or splashes are not a great cause for concern – music to any clumsy people’s ears!

Final thoughts:

There has been endless analysis of some of the best smartphones on the market. From camera discussions and display comparisons to an in-depth look at the value for money on offer, we truly have assessed everything.

We have concluded that the iPhone 11 is the best mobile phone for September. Its huge screen and remarkable dual camera are reason enough alone to award it the top spot on the list.

But the features only get better; the storage, the battery, the security, the revolutionary A13 chip and more importantly, the price you pay. For a lot less than the other smartphones on this list, you can enjoy everything you could ever want or need from a smartphone, all comprised into one device.

So, the only question left to answer is, when are you getting yours?

Our best iPhone 11 deals right now:

iPhone 11 on O2 with 90GB data just £36 a month.

iPhone 11 on Three with unlimited data just £35 a month.

iPhone 11 on Three with 100GB data just £34 a month.