App tracking is the latest tool in Apple’s Privacy toolbox.

We all love nothing more than a good iOS update and the latest from Apple is certainly not one to miss.

This article explores pretty much all of the cool features that the new update has to offer: from unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask to all new emoji characters.

But it’s time to talk privacy and the app tracking transparency in iOS 14.5 is a great place to start. App tracking transparency may just be the most significant update that Apple have delivered in a long time.

It makes it compulsory for any app to ask your permission before tracking any of your activity elsewhere.

The new update doesn’t require much from you, but we thought you might like a low down on what this means as well as a full low down on all the other great features.

App tracking transparency.

Although your iPhone will take care of pretty much everything app tracking transparency, you still control which apps use it and can decide whether or not to activate it all together.

To get started you must have iOS 14.5 downloaded and be running an iPhone 6s or later – with these steps completed, app tracking transparency is well underway already.

App tracking is when apps track your activity across other apps and sites, it doesn’t mean that your apps are listening to you spill your deepest darkest secrets to your friends or following you on your morning run.

Apps must ask your permission to do this, and app tracking transparency is here to make this process of permission a little easier.

After downloading iOS 14.5 you will see a pop up every time you open up an app. It’ll ask you whether or not you want to allow it to track your activity across other apps and websites – you can select allow or ask the app not to track.

If you get sick of seeing this message, iOS 14.5 have you covered for that too.

1)     Head to Settings.

2)     Tap Privacy.

3)     Select Tracking.

Here, you’ll see an option that says, ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’. If you turn this off, you’ll never again have to deal with this pop up – Apple will take care of everything and notify all apps that you don’t agree to any app tracking.

A screenshot of App Tracking Transparency on iPhone.
App Tracking Transparency is here to make the decisions for you.

While this feature isn’t quite as fun as 217 new emoji, it’s certainly something to be aware of. You’ll finally be able to take full control of how apps track and use your data – consider yourself to be your very own security guard.

Wearing a mask? No problem.

We simply have to talk about this feature first. It’s the one that we’ve all been waiting for and in true Apple fashion, they’ve answered our prayers.

We’ve all felt the stress that comes with face masks. Yes, we know they’re safe. Yes, we know they’re important.

But that doesn’t stop the frustration that we feel when we’re eagerly trying to pay for our dinner in Tesco on Apple Pay.

No matter how hard you stare into your front camera, Apple Pay just won't work. You’re left stood with a disappointed look on your face and forced to enter your password.

Thankfully, Apple’s iOS 14.5 software eliminates this issue and lets you unlock your iPhone even while wearing a mask – the only catch is that you have to be wearing your Apple Watch with watchOS 7.4 downloaded.

A girl wearing a facemask unlocking her iPhone.
Unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask is easy peasy!

Getting started is easy peasy and we’ve put all the steps here in one place.

Crowdsource with iOS 14.5.

No. We said crowdsource, not crowd surf. It’s not quite as rock and roll as crowd surfing, but it’s certainly more useful.

iOS 14.5 includes a crowdsourcing feature that allows you to report accidents, hazards, and speed cameras along a route in Maps, courtesy of the new Report button, available in the Apple Maps app.

You can get on board all the reporting fun directly on your iPhone and in CarPlay. This is great news for you in so many ways.

Of course, you can report any incidents or problems that may be causing traffic, but this also means other iPhone users can report them too. Hopefully this means you’ll be more than aware of any delays, right before you travel!

1) Tap on the info button in the upper right corner of the Maps app.

2) Select Report an Issue.

3) Select either accident, hazard or speed check from the list of options that appears.

This handy feature will make your commute all the more enjoyable and will keep everyone on the roads safe – so long as they have an iPhone of course. It may be time to get one if not…

What’s your ETA?

It means estimated time of arrival of course – Apple are down with the lingo and we’re here for it. It’s not necessary to be driving everywhere, what with global warming and fuel costs.

Some of us prefer going for a scenic walk or a cycle, especially on those rare days where the sun likes to make an appearance.

Maps on iPhone integrated walking and cycling routes a while ago but iOS 14.5 now lets you share your ETA to someone via the Messages app.

This is great for when your friends are pestering you asking how long you’re going to be or if your colleague is covering you at work because your alarm didn’t go off, again.

To send your ETA simply make a request to Siri or tap on the route card located at the bottom of your screen on Maps.

Two’s better than one.

For those of you who take full advantage of iPhone’s Dual-SIM function, you’ll be thrilled to learn that iOS 14.5 now supports 5G in Dual-SIM mode on the iPhone 12 models.

Dual-SIM works by allowing two lines of service on one iPhone, which is perfect for those of you who use your phone a lot for work and want to keep that work home-life balance in check.

It was previously limited to LTE but this update now lets you enjoy the perks of 5G on both lines.

A pretty big win for the workaholics of the world.

iOS 14.5 sets your heart on fire.

Well, not literally but we do think your heart will be feeling all kinds of things about the new emoji.

iOS 14.5 brings several new emoji including an epic heart on fire that we think will be fantastic for telling someone just how much you love them – or explaining how furious you are, we’re not sure yet.

Alongside this one, the new update has delivered a mending heart, an exhaling face, a face with spiral eyes and a face in the clouds.

The new emoji we love the most would have to be the different gender options for people with beards and also new couple emoji that have a variety of skin tone mixes.

A screengrab of the new iOS 14.5 emoji.
More inclusive emoji? Yes please!

We hope that these new emoji will assist in make everyone feel more included and represented and better everyone’s texting experience.

The blood has been taken from the syringe emoji which perfectly represents the COVID-19 vaccination while the headphone emoji looked like a set of AirPods. How creative!

Spotify VS Apple Music.

iOS 14.5 lets you finally settle the Spotify VS Apple Music debate. Everyone is different and while some people get their kicks out of Spotify’s pre-made playlists on a run, others love nothing more than Apple’s recommended artists.

There’s no right or wrong, but until now, Apple Music was always the default music player on your iPhone.

An iPhone displaying a Spotify library on screen.
Are you a Spotify fan or an Apple Music fan? 

This means that whenever you asked Siri to play a song, it would always play from Apple Music. You can now set it to be Spotify if you so please, or whatever other rogue music player takes your fancy.

This will seriously change the way you DJ at parties and gatherings (once COVID restrictions permit of course) and will make it so much easier to change songs using your voice. It’s super easy to set-up and you’ll be bopping along in no time.

Siri, is that you?

You almost won’t recognise Siri with the iOS 14.5 update and its fancy new voices. Siri no longer has a default female voice, in fact users can choose between two new English Siri voices.

After downloading iOS 14.5, iPhone users will discover a Siri Voice option in their Siri settings. The Accent section that we’re all so familiar with, will change to Variety letting you choose which voice you prefer. We’re sure you’ll have fun with that!

Sharing is caring.

We’re all suckers for a good song, whether that’s something upbeat, sad, chilled or something that matches your angry mood.

iOS 14.5 brings new updates to Apple Music that will let you share your favourite songs with your nearest and dearest.

In your Apple Music Library, the download button has been swapped for three dots that have a wide range of options for a better music experience.

After all, listening to music alone is cool but is it as cool as sharing your awesome music taste with others? We don’t think so.

A screenshot of the lyric share feature on iPhone.
Share those classic song lyrics with your nearest and dearest.

Share Lyrics is a new feature that lets you send direct lyrics and song clips to others. It’s perfect if you want to show someone a song you really like or perhaps for conveying how you feel about someone – if you’re into that cheesy stuff.

City Charts is another update brought to Apple Music which lets iPhone users access playlists that feature the most played songs in more than 100 cities around the world. Feel like broadening your musical horizon? Why not literally, well, broaden it!

How do I get it?

Downloading iOS 14.5 is the easiest part.

1) Back up your device to iCloud or iTunes. (Just in case something goes wrong, we don't want to be held accountable)

2) Go to Settings on your iPhone

3) Head to General.

4) Select Software Update.

5) Press Download and Update.

Your iPhone will begin downloading the software and all you have to do is wait.

All of this and more.

These are just a few of the endless features that Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update brings. There are lots of smaller bits and pieces that just make for easier phone usage such as updates to your reminders app and a search tab in the News app.

Of course, to get in on all the iOS 14.5 fun, you’ve got to be sporting an iPhone. If you’re on the hunt for an upgrade or switching from Android, we’ve got you covered.

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