All the flippin’ best bits about the Z Flip3.

Samsung certainly do know how to treat us and their third Galaxy Unpacked event this year just proves that.

We saw the Galaxy S21 series way back in January, the new additions to the A series in spring and now the Z family has grown too.

Samsung’s most recent event unveiled the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 – two funky additions with a whole bunch of unique and cool features.

There’s a lot of stigma around flip phones with many people arguing they’re flimsy and undependable.

We thought we’d take a closer look at the Galaxy Z Flip3 and explore how it restores our faith in the flip phone.

It’s all flippin’ off.

The first thing you’ll notice about this mobile is of course it’s whacky design. We thought we’d left flip phones in the past with leg warmers and low-rise jeans, but it seems they’re making a comeback.

We might be being slightly dramatic, Samsung did release the Galaxy Z Flip last year, but its successor boasts a whole number of design features that make us forget all about it.

This mobile delivers the absolute best of both worlds. When it’s closed up it measures at just 4.2-inches, meaning you’ll be able to slide it into places where even water can’t get.

That super-skinny pair of jeans you bought or that tiny bag that everyone swore was too small to fit anything in.

The 1.9-inch cover screen lets you quickly access and interact with notifications but flip it open and experience a whole new world of fun.

The 6.7-inch Flex display will have you feeling like you’re at the cinema – without the daft prices. Throw Dynamic AMOLED 2x in and watch everything come to life.

Someone playing a video on the Galaxy Z Flip3.
The Galaxy Z Flip3 boasts the best of both worlds. 

It’s not just the streamers that are benefiting from this phone, the gamers are too. The 120Hz refresh rate delivers silky smooth visuals with no lag and buffer. There’s no excuse for a loss now…

Unlike previous flip phones, the Z Flip3  comes with its very own suit of Armor. Not quite like the Knight you’re imagining now, but rather a new tough aluminium frame designed by Samsung to make this mobile more durable.

They’ve even thrown in Gorilla Glass Victus, the toughest glass in a smartphone, so those scratches and everyday wear and tear are no problem.

Samsung have pretty much taken care of everything so all that’s left for you to decide is which colour to go for. Will it be black, cream, green or lavender?

The Galaxy Z Flip3 in all available colours.
The question is, which colour catches your eye?

Faster, faster, faster.

Faster fun is a piece of cake with the Z Flip3. It comes 5G ready with 8GB of RAM meaning your downloads are quicker, your streaming is seamless, and your gaming is more responsive.

There are no limits to this mobile’s performance and even the 3300mAh battery is built to keep up.

Not only is it powerful, it’s smart too. It will take into account how you use your phone so you can save charge for the important things – work emails perhaps or Britain’s Got Talent’s best ever auditions.

Lights, camera, action.

The only thing better than one cracking camera lens is two camera lenses. The 12MP wide lens will change the way you take group selfies. Leave cropping and squeezing in the shot behind.

If you’re silly popular or have a million cousins, switch up to the 12MP ultra-wide lens for a wider field of view.

Someone holding the Galaxy Z Flip3 in lavender.
The Galaxy Z Flip3 has an unrivalled camera. 

The fanciest bit about the Z Flip3’s camera is the fact it can transform into a tripod. Set it down on a flat surface and nail your shots on the first take – rather than 50 with a shaky hand.

If you’re eager to bag a mobile that gives all the tools you need to spruce up your socials, the Z Flip3 is the one to go for.

The 10MP selfie cam will bring you into focus and will snap great looking shots – even on your worst days.

What are you waiting for?

There’s nothing left for us to say – the Z Flip3 is no ordinary flip phone. You can pre-order now and enjoy it with free delivery.

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