The new Pixel 5 is a true pocket rocket.

Google has certainly made its mark on the mobile industry with their photography-focussed Pixel series, and the recent launch of its new Google Pixel 5 5G on 30 September. But what is it about the latest arrival that’s got everyone so excited and googly-eyed?

The Pixel 5 delivers some of our most favourite features seen on its older siblings, the Pixel 4 and 4a. BUT in even better news, it brings us tons of improvements on the older models and some cracking new bits and bobs that will get you Google lovers giddy.

While Google Pixel 5 has a ton of amazing features that make it an absolute blinder of a mobile, which we'll get onto, the rise in popularity this year is largely down to the epic price...

In recent years, Google have matched Apple’s pricing on their devices which has certainly not been popular among the Pixel fans. They're now offering lower prices on the incredible Google Pixel 5 – and we’re loving it!

So, let’s get to know the Google Pixel 5, up close and personal, looking at all the best tells, tips and tricks Google's latest addition has to offer.

A battery built to last.

We did our research and found that a lot of the complaints about the older Google Pixel phones stem from the battery life. TechRadar gave a particularly harsh review of the Pixel 4a’s battery and described its performance as ‘sub-par’ – brutal.

The batteries in the previous Google Pixel phones are admittedly fairly small, which ultimately means they simply don’t last as long as people would hope. But fear not Pixel lovers - Google have listened to your worries and frets and delivered a Pixel 5 packed with a super-powerful battery.

The latest Google Pixel 5 comes equipped with an impressive 4080mAh battery, meaning users can play games until their heart‘s content, browse until there’s nothing left to see and stream until their eyes are square (or rectangle?).

A photo of a woman holding the Google Pixel 5 and showing it to two children.
The perfect battery for hours and hours of fun!

The point is, the Pixel 5 has a battery that will get you through the entire day. And with the extreme battery saver, you can get up to 48 hours of use all from a single charge! Pocket rocket power or what?

The battery in the Pixel 5 is also insanely thoughtful, learning all your favourite apps and reducing power to the ones that you rarely use. All so your Pixel stays powered throughout the day – we love a phone that thinks of us!

The cherry on top? When you buy the Pixel 5 you get an 18W fast charger included, meaning that when you need that a boost – you can get it super-fast!

Putting the G in 5G.

5G phones are the absolute craze at the minute, with everyone wanting in on super-fast downloads and high-quality streaming. And with Google Pixel 5, that’s exactly what you get.

Yep, Google Pixel 5 brings you advanced 5G technology, letting you download your favourite season of Friends in a flash! The quality of the episodes is perfect and will transport you right into the centre of the action making you the 7th member of the Friends squad!

If you’re more of a gamer and love the feeling of beating your opponents, then you won't want to miss this one. The incredible 5G technology lets you challenge your opponents without the disadvantage of any buffering or lagging.

The Google Pixel 5 hooked up to a gaming controller.
Game like never before with the Google Pixel 5.

You’ll be at the peak of popularity too with the 5G hotspot feature. You can share your top 5G signal with your friends and loved ones, making it easier for them to enjoy the perks of a top TV binge as well as letting them unleash their competitive streak!

Dazzling display.

The Pixel 5 offers all sorts of improvements over the Pixel 4 and its display is certainly one of them. It packs a 6-inch Full HD+ screen with minimal bezels. This means users can take advantage of a better screen-to-body ratio – certainly better than its predecessors.

The Google Pixel's display.
A display perfect for streaming your favourite shows.

The display still retains the 90Hz refresh rate that you all loved on the Pixel 4, giving you ultra-smooth scrolling. Enjoy browsing social media with ease and for those times when your battery runs low, switch to 60Hz in settings to save power – the best of both worlds.

Cracking camera system.

The Google Pixel phones are famous for their camera systems and the Pixel 5 is a cracking example of this.

Featuring an all-new 16MP ultrawide lens with a 107-degree field of view, the Pixel 5 has the ideal camera for those times when you want to fit everyone into the shot. Get the perfect photos at those important events like big family wedding or your niece’s first birthday.

A photo of a landscape taken on the Google Pixel 5.
See more of a scene with the impressive ultrawide camera lens!

The Pixel 5 also features a 12.2MP lens which delivers excellent photos day or night! With the impressive Night Sight feature, you can capture memories even when the lighting doesn’t want to cooperate – and even better… you can do it without the flash!

A photo of a man from the side taken on the Google Pixel 5.
Capture great photos at night - without the flash!

HDR+ is another incredible feature of the Pixel 5 as it automatically enhances colour and lighting meaning the photos you take are vivid and full of detail! If any pesky shadows do happen to get in your way, Pixel drops in some extra light to illuminate your photos!

What do we think?

We can’t get enough of the Google Pixel 5 and totally understand why it’s quickly becoming a customer favourite! Cheaper than previous Google devices, and packing insane 5G speeds, we think Google have really outdone themselves with this one.

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