Celebrate in style with the best 5G connection and a cheap pint.

After a yearlong delay, the Euros are in full swing, and the flags are up! Raheem Sterling’s goal secured England’s victory over Croatia as football fans in pubs up and down the country went wild.

With many games ahead, we’re interested to know what you think makes for a perfect viewing experience.

Many of you will be heading to your local pub to watch the games with friends and want nothing more than to use your mobile to capture the roars and cheers that erupt when goals are scored.

Others may be lifting the lid off the BBQ, throwing on some burgers and watching the game on a makeshift screen in the garden.

Some of you more unlucky chaps will be watching it on your mobile on your dinner break at work or on the train as you commute.

Whether you’re watching in your home city or travelling somewhere else, we’ve done a little research to help you decide which city is the best to watch Euro 2020.

We examined 28 UK cities in total and rated them based on their mobile phone signal rating. Whether you’re watching on your mobile, recording the atmosphere on your socials or sending that text to dad that reads, did you see that goal?! You need a good strong signal.

Of course, we had to throw in a couple of other metrics that make the Euro’s even more memorable…

Here are the top 10 results based on signal strength, the price of a pint, venue rating, number of sun hours and of course a football mad rating – determined by Google trends data.

10) Sheffield.

The Steel City. The home of both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United – a rivalry that’s gone on since time began.

Sheffield rolls in at number 10 on the list with a signal rating of 3.4/5 based on 4G and 5G strength. If you’re sat in Cavendish on West Street, tucking into some chicken wings with a pint of beer, you’re promised top mobile coverage.

Post all the snaps and videos you want to with quicker upload speeds and show everyone just how much fun you’re having.

Plus, with an average pint price of £2.49, how could you complain? Something we think many of you will be pretty disappointed about is the ‘footy mad’ rating of 3.56 based on Google trends.

Now, we’ve seen first-hand what the streets of Sheffield look like on Derby day, but we’ll leave you to make your mind up about that.

9) Aberdeen.

We’re going way up north now people and have landed in Aberdeen. While the signal rating is a little lower at 3.2/5, it’s the average price of a pint and the fact they have almost 2 hours more sun a day.

If you’re taking a trip to Aberdeen to watch the Euros, you’ll be getting great signal strength that’s perfect for staying connected with your nearest and dearest throughout the game.

Got a friend who’s had a few too many and been in the loo too long? Give them a text – no problem!

8) Southampton.

We’re going to the opposite end of the country for number 8, all the way down to Southampton. This city brought in a more disappointing score of 1 for signal strength, but where it fell at the signal hurdle, it excelled in other areas.

With an average pint cost of £2.49 and a ‘footy mad’ rating of 4.53, Southampton is the place to go if you’re all about the atmosphere and a cheap drink.

It’s not however the place to be for good signal strength. If you’re looking to capture that winning goal, we’d suggest picking a different city.

7) Belfast.

Top of the mornin’ to you! We’re going across the sea now, all the way to Belfast. There’s an old saying that nobody does it quite like the Irish and reaching number 7 on this list is proof enough.

This city boasts an impressive 4.2/5 for signal strength which means you can capture all the fun on your mobile and post it wherever you like.

If your friend has had one too many pints of Guinness and you can’t seem to find them, you’ll have no troubles calling them.

The average pint price is a little more expensive and comes in at £2.89 but as people who’ve been to Belfast – we challenge you to find the pubs where the pints are that cheap!

6) Leeds.

Leeds of course come in with a ‘footy mad’ rating of 4.13. We’re not remotely shocked – we’ve heard the chants. This city comes in at number 6 on the list and we can say from experience that it’s an epic place with an epic atmosphere.

With a signal score of 3.4 you’ll never have to worry about being without your mobile. Need the toilet and worried about missing the score? Lucked out and it’s your round? Watch the big game on your mobile or check the score with ease.

Throw in an average pint price of £2.39 and you’ve got a recipe for success.

5) Glasgow.

We’re halfway through the list now and Glasgow have taken the spot at number 5. If you’re looking for a bit of an atmosphere, we’re afraid the footy mad rating is a disappointing 2.05. We’re sure Ranger’s fans would be the first to disagree with us there though…

When it comes to signal strength Glasgow score an impressive 4/5 which is pretty impressive. If the games over and you’re looking for the best kebab shop around, load up your iPhone and get on the web without any lag or buffer.

We do have to tell you that the average cost of a pint is a little pricier, coming in at £3.10. Still a great option for getting in on all the football action.

A map displaying UK cities with a rating of best to worst place to watch the Euros.
Here's the full breakdown. 

4) Newcastle.

We’re in the land of the Geordie’s now. Famous for the Tyne, that stunning accent we all love so much and of course the unforgettable Geordie Shore show. It seems drinking and dancing isn’t all that the Geordie’s are famous for.

With an impressive signal score of 4.2/5, this is the perfect place to watch the Euros if you’re looking to stay connected with those closest to you – and of course show everyone just how good the Geordie nightlife is.

3) Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city for many reasons. The capital really excels for restaurants, culture, pubs and so much more. So where does it stand on signal rating, average pint price and football daft fans?

At number 3 on the list, Edinburgh has a signal rating of 2.4/5 which isn’t as impressive as other cities, but with more pubs than any other city on the list – there’s no shortage of places to watch the game.

If you’re looking to try out lots of different pubs and experience the Scottish culture on your trip, Edinburgh is the place to be. If you’re wanting strong mobile signal and cheap pints – we’d recommend somewhere else.

2) Liverpool

Liverpool almost took the top spot but like in the Premier League they didn’t quite make the cut. They did however come out on top for having the highest footy mad rating – which again is not something that shocks us.

When it comes to signal strength, Liverpool score a worthy 3.4 which isn’t too shabby at all. With all this footy madness going on, you’ll have the signal you need to show everyone just how mad the scousers are!

With an average pint price of £2.89, we’re pretty sure you’ll have no complaints if you choose Liverpool as the city to watch the Euros.

1) Manchester.

The best city to watch the Euros has been revealed and it’s the one and only Manchester people. With a footy mad rating of 5 and a signal score of 4/5, you get everything you could ever need for the perfect Euros experience.

Stay connected, record the night, enjoy some live tweeting and drink cheap pints in the sunshine all day long. Manchester comes out on top for pretty much every metric making it the perfect city to unwind in and enjoy the footy.

That’s a wrap.

So, that’s a wrap people. The top 10 cities to watch the Euros have been revealed and what surprising results they are indeed.

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